Wednesday, September 19, 2007

An ugly childhood.....Laugh it up......I did!!

I thought everyone might need a good laugh today. I was going through my pictures and came across some school photos of me and some seriously bad hair cuts. I started laughing and remembered when my good friend YVN aka Evonne threw a surprise party at Red Robin for my birthday many moons ago and just by chance I had pictures of me when I was younger. So I went to my car and got them. Needless to say everyone laughed their heads off, why because I had an ugly childhood. If you think you had an ugly childhood, I bet mine was a little worse. I think all of these pictures are absolutely hilarious, but hey it's good to get the ugliness out of the way when you young, right?

This is my in Second Grade, when the ugly started, notice I have a fatty cold sore aka herpie on my lip and to make matters worse the front of my hair is permed and the back is straight, yep a mullet, a special one. I would like to point out my fashion sense, who has purple pearls? In the top two pictures I think my perm is growing I have a normal mullet, which I actually prefer. Trading cards anyone..notice how my hat sits on top of my out of control curly bangs! The bottom left just wanted to point out my hot flowered shorts with nylons and my wicker shoes.
Here I believe I kept the mullet going....I loved it, but notice how I accessorise with the big ole ball earrings. And can I say HELLO Teeth...good thing I grew into those.
I just want to know who perms their Bangs and nothing else?????????????

I hope you all had a good Laugh....I sure did!!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Chris Daughtry Baby!!

So Yesterday I went and rocked out at the Chris Daughtry Concert!! Frick Yae!! Can I just say he is a Fine Specimen of a Man! The Concert was at our State is one of the biggest state fairs in the US....Four times the size of the one in Utah...that should give you an idea of how big it is. I went with my sister Angela, and Nate's (Ang's Husband) sister Kristen. Kristen has never been to the Washington fair, so her and Angela went early to go on rides and stuff. I decided to meet up with them later. Lets say I had to park forever away and it was actually a hot day, this summer has had lame weather, so I speed walked because I didn't want to be late. I was a little early so I went to go and find my seat...Red faced and sweaty...quite attractive!! Of course there was a elderly couple sitting a couple seats they started talking to me because I am sure they thought I had no friends and came by myself. Then the guy asked me if I would like a bottle of water because I looked like I needed one, I looked flushed. You know...of course I said yes because I needed one. Anyways they were the nicest, I wished I would have taken a picture of them, they didn't look like they belonged there, but they were huge Chris Daughtry Fans. They totally voted for him on American Idol. When I told them I didn't vote they told me it was my fault he got sent home. I take full responsibility. Anyways the concert Rocked...I loved it and I have seen my fair share of concerts...Probably in my top 10.

Can we say my Rocker face looks Psycho......I need to work on that. Nice taffy in your mouth, Ang...
This is me, Kristin, and Angela right before the concert....Don't ask me what I am doing!! Angela and Kristin Rockin out!!!!!!!
This is obviously a shout of Chris on the big screen.....lovin him!!
This is a shot of the stage.....definetly not a good one!!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Blocked Kick

My Brother Jordan blocked a field goal attempt at his game last week!! He is the one who is actually right above the pile of players. Too bad they lost. They are still looking for their first win. Their season opener is this Friday. This is Jordan at an away game!! I thought it was a pretty good shot of him!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Fashion No No!!!

I am not sure why this picture makes me laugh so hard!! I am sure no one else will find it funny, but I am sure I will get an earful from my sister!!! This was taken on our road trip to Idaho this summer! Nothing like traveling with two kids on an 12 hour drive and having to look at my sister wearing sunglasses like this. I am pretty sure this is a Fashion NO NO....I was going to say Fo pau, but like I know how to spell it.

Monday, September 3, 2007

First Games of the Season!

So Friday night was the kick off for both of my brothers football seasons. I went to Rocky's game at Eastern Washington University! It is about a four hour drive, but it's worth it. Let me first tell you that the weather in Eastern Washington is very similar to Utah. So I was prepared and dressed for some pretty warm weather. As we are approaching Cheney (where the school is) I noticed some clouds....storm clouds...was I concerned no!! My mom and I got to the game and we get settled and I was totally excited..I was trying to find my brother, you know give him one of my famous shout outs. Then it happens... started off as a sprinkle, so my mom ran to the car to see if you had an umbrella. My uncle went and stood under the covered area. Of course I stayed in the bleachers because I didn't want my seat to get wet. Then it started to down pour and I sat there because I didn't want my seat to get wet, brilliant. Guess what...HAIL! Are you kidding my now! I am definitely not going to take cover now, I am soaked. Let me tell you Hail hurts. I am pretty sure I had some welts, but I took it like a woman! After about 10 min. it stopped. So everyone returned to their seats, and guess what the game had been delayed because another storm was coming through with about 50 mile an hour winds and we were all advised to take shelter. At this point, excuse my french, I am pissed!! Not only am I soaked, I had to hike back to the car and wait an hour for the game to start. I get to the car and I am trying to hurry and get dry clothes out of the back of the Explorer. I wasn't quick enough a big gush of wind comes and the hatch to the car comes down and hits me on the head. I am so loving life now. Needless to say the game started and hour later after all the storms had passed and it did not rain again. We won 52-13, my brother Rocky played well. I love going to his games rain and all!! Jordan's game did not go so well they lost 30-7, but hey it is only the first game of the season. I am sure all you sports fans will want to know how their seasons go, don't worry I will keep you updated!!

The pictures below are a couple years old (2005). That is Rocky and he is #77!! The middle picture is of the Offensive line, three of them have graduated. The bottom picture is of the whole O-line and his Coach!! Don't worry I will get some recent photos because I know you are all dying to see them.