Monday, March 30, 2009

The Family that gets tats together stays together...

That would be my siblings all getting Tats on their neck.....Don't worry their not Real....You can tell, Jordan (middle) took the wrong part off his tattoo, so it wouldn't stick to his can see the plastic..what a nerd.

Brad and Jordan graced us with their presence on their way home from Fresno (thanks Tina for putting up w/ them). Kylee took them to the Nickel Cade where they came home with some Tattoos....thanks for Visiting boys!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Blackfoot Girls...Visit Utah

Andrea and Kristin drove to Utah to visit me, Breanna and Kalie. So we spent the day up in SLC at temple square it has been so long since I have been there. It was nice to go and check it out again.

Andrea, Me, Breanna, Kristin, and Kalie in from of the temple. This is us in the Joseph Memorial Building. Check out Kalie in the back..cracks me up.

Andrea has a hard time staying on her feet...nuff said!!

Me and Bre waiting for the other girls (excuse the fever blister under my nose aka Herpies, Nice..good thing I went to a job interview with them all over my mouth...for the love)

This is all of us in the Elevator...Meet my new Family!!! I totally fit in!! Then I took them to Bridal Veil..none of them had been there..Great Idea..NO!! There was still snow/ice on the trail..we are lucky no one was seriously injured!! I do love this place!! This is Andrea...not sure what she is doing...I have a pretty good Idea..There were no bathrooms...JK!!
Sisters Andrea and Kristin
Bre, Andrea and Me!!