Thursday, August 28, 2008


Not sure if you were all glued to the TV as much as I was during the Olympics. I absolutely love the Olympics. Another 2 years until the winter Olympics, I can't wait. There were so many wonderful jump out of your chair and scream go, go, go moments. I just can't begin to tell you how many Adrenalin rushes and heart attacks I had watching these Olympics..especially when Michael Phelps was swimming or the mens gold medal basketball game. Hey they pulled off a great win. There were also many heartaches and sad moments when a dream is not achieved, I truly feel for them, but what an honor it is to make it to the Olympics. All the athletes are such inspirations to me...even those who play Ping fun to watch. I hope you all enjoyed the Olympics as much as I did!!

Shout Out: Below is a friend of mine from Washington, Melanie Roach, she competed this year in the Olympics. She took 6th place I believe in the weight lifting competition. She is a stinkin stud...and an inspiration to all!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Fun Filled Weekend!!

Well last weekend was quite eventful. The Danielsons were in town and so on my way to Jeff's house I went to RL's parents house for a surprise baby shower for Annie. I was able to see Mike and Crin and their babes. I missed Lisa, Ryan and Justin. Maybe next time. Then on Saturday we all met up at Olive Garden for lunch. It was very fun, it is always good when good friends come into town. Annie is such a cute pregnant lady. Below is all of us at the Olive Garden!! Then we headed to Rexburg for some good ole bowling. I tore it up...wait I SUCKED I came in dead last. I guess that is what happens when you only bowl twice in 5 years. The kids had such a blast...I did on the 3 good frames I had. Let me remind you that the kids had bumpers..if I had them I would have killed them. Ha Ha

This would be a picture of our feet..and Jana's prego belly. So stinkin funny!! Hey it was her idea to take the picture. She is another cute pregnant lady.

Josh going for a strike!!
Payton also going for a strike!!
Grace is just hoping it makes it down the lane. Jeff had to run down their once to help the ball get to the end. She sure had fun!!
I was lucky enough to go with the boys to their first day of school. They both got really good teachers. It was fun, but weird to be in an elementary school. Payton has a note pinned to his shirt, so he won't forget to give it to his teacher. So cute. All in All a very good weekend.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!!

About a week ago I went to the Idaho Falls Zoo for the first time. I love going to the zoo. It is not a big zoo, but it definitely has quite a variety of animals. It was a lot of fun!!

We first saw the Penguins. We waited around long enough and saw them dive into the water and swim around. Pretty cool if I say so myself!

Kate is feeding some goats...i think. Pretty brave girl.
Dylan and Kate on a big ole Tiger...Don't worry it is not real!
The Peterson Family staring at something...can't remember what!
I love Llama's even though they can be mean and they will spit on you!!
This little monkey was in love with Scott. Every time Scott would get to the window he was all over him. He actually came at the window and scared Scott so bad that he ran away...I think he thought it was going to actually get him!!
Can we say SMALL land that thing was Ginormous!!
Can you see what is wrong with this picture??
Here the Lion..he/she was scary...had the most evil look in its eyes!! Hence the two fences between me and them.
Once again Tigers glad that there is a huge ole fence between me and them, but they are sure cool to look at!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Girls Camp, Party time, Excellent

Four years down...and who knows how many more!! I was the stake assistant Camp Director in Washington for 3 years, then I moved to Idaho and who would have thought I would get the same calling again. Well after many bumps along the road camp finally came..I was quite a nervous camper, no one knew me well enough to know what they were getting themselves into when they called me. The stake I am in hasn't had a stake girls camp in 3 years, so this was new for everyone. All of the YCL's (16 & 17 yr olds) and me and a few leaders slept in the big ole lodge. It was wonderful. Joni (stake camp director) and I had our own bathroom. We did allow Alyson (craft and misc. lady) to use it too. How spoiled am I!!

I was a bit nervous because my YCL's were pretty much in charge of the camp. They did all the devotionals and taught a lot of the certification and had to keep the excitement level up. Plus they got a crash course in camp songs the first day of camp. I will tell you they were wonderful. They tore it up. 33 YCL's and not one problem or fight between them. That is absolutely amazing. I had so much fun with them. When it came time to clean the lodge, I didn't even have to give out assignments..they all just started cleaning. I didn't have to clean a bit, loving that even more.

There are so many stories I would love to share, but I don't want to bore you plus with all the pictures..this is going to be a long blog. Here is one story for you..there is a creek that runs through the camp and I decided before camp I wanted to float it, well everyone told me that i couldn't because it wasn't deep enough..well I didn't care, I bought a raft and decided to do it anyways. A couple of my YCL's brought rafts with them as well. So together we all attempted to float it. Pretty much I had to push off on the rocks to move. Not too successful, but Very Very fun!! We drew a pretty big crowd of spectators getting a big ole laugh. Then my cousin Erin jumps in and tackles me, mind you she is prego. Then a big ole water fight started...good times good times. We ended up finding a spot under a bridge that we could float about 3 feet...success I think so. Anyways...A few bruises was a lot of fun and totally worth the 1.88 I shelled out for my raft.

This is Joni and I soaking our feet in the very cold creek...felt so was pretty hot outside.
Some of the girls after a big water fight. Joni showing us how she jiggle-low's...not sure if you all know that song..I will sing it for you one day.
There is a big ole slide from the lodge to the field (lodge sits on a big hill) This is me nearly killing myself going down it.
Me and Nicole a YCL of of the funniest girls ever. I had a 4-wheeler all take me from the lodge down to all the camps. I would walk everywhere in the morning, but when the afternoon hit the 4-wheeler was mine.
Danielle and Natalie hanging out the lodge.
Cousin Erin teaching us a fun song!!
Nicole doing her interpretive dance..don't ask..she is out of control!!
This is Shayna my neighbor..she played a little joke on me and told me she was stuck behind there..I fell for it..don't worry I plan on getting her back.
Paige....cutest thing ever...cracks me up..I believe she didn't shower until Thursday night..totally explains the smell.
Jone and Alyson the night before everyone got there. They were dancing fools..too bad they wouldn't do it when everyone was there.

On Tuesday we had a huge hail storm..well about three..these are some girls trying to stay dry in the shelter.
Paige and Holli hiding under cover from the storm.
Some of the YCL's stone cold kickin in in the lodge (Natalie, Sadie, Shayna, & Danielle)
More YCL's stone cold kickin it in the lodge. (Vanessa, Lisa, Hannah, Alyson, Vernae, & Mariah)
Once I get some copies of the pictures of me trying to float the creek..I will post them. Lucky Lucky you!!