Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!!

About a week ago I went to the Idaho Falls Zoo for the first time. I love going to the zoo. It is not a big zoo, but it definitely has quite a variety of animals. It was a lot of fun!!

We first saw the Penguins. We waited around long enough and saw them dive into the water and swim around. Pretty cool if I say so myself!

Kate is feeding some goats...i think. Pretty brave girl.
Dylan and Kate on a big ole Tiger...Don't worry it is not real!
The Peterson Family staring at something...can't remember what!
I love Llama's even though they can be mean and they will spit on you!!
This little monkey was in love with Scott. Every time Scott would get to the window he was all over him. He actually came at the window and scared Scott so bad that he ran away...I think he thought it was going to actually get him!!
Can we say SMALL turtle...my land that thing was Ginormous!!
Can you see what is wrong with this picture??
Here the Lion..he/she was scary...had the most evil look in its eyes!! Hence the two fences between me and them.
Once again Tigers glad that there is a huge ole fence between me and them, but they are sure cool to look at!!


Sarah and Dan said...

Yay for Zoos! I need to go again before summer is up. We even have a family pass for Pete sake! Our lazy summer days have been a little too lazy.

Ang said...

You are so flippin funny.

T-Lo said...

Mike and I went to that zoo too! We took a trip to Idaho Falls and stayed overnight there once when we lived in Provo. Then we stopped by to see Scott and Erin and Shawna happened to be there too.

Randy and Tasha said...

I think that camel has a lazy eye or something.

Wendy said...

I know you would make going to the zoo a blast. Loved the pics!