Friday, August 22, 2008

Fun Filled Weekend!!

Well last weekend was quite eventful. The Danielsons were in town and so on my way to Jeff's house I went to RL's parents house for a surprise baby shower for Annie. I was able to see Mike and Crin and their babes. I missed Lisa, Ryan and Justin. Maybe next time. Then on Saturday we all met up at Olive Garden for lunch. It was very fun, it is always good when good friends come into town. Annie is such a cute pregnant lady. Below is all of us at the Olive Garden!! Then we headed to Rexburg for some good ole bowling. I tore it up...wait I SUCKED I came in dead last. I guess that is what happens when you only bowl twice in 5 years. The kids had such a blast...I did on the 3 good frames I had. Let me remind you that the kids had bumpers..if I had them I would have killed them. Ha Ha

This would be a picture of our feet..and Jana's prego belly. So stinkin funny!! Hey it was her idea to take the picture. She is another cute pregnant lady.

Josh going for a strike!!
Payton also going for a strike!!
Grace is just hoping it makes it down the lane. Jeff had to run down their once to help the ball get to the end. She sure had fun!!
I was lucky enough to go with the boys to their first day of school. They both got really good teachers. It was fun, but weird to be in an elementary school. Payton has a note pinned to his shirt, so he won't forget to give it to his teacher. So cute. All in All a very good weekend.


Analee and Joe said...

Cute pictures! My mom's hair looks amazing too! ;-) It was good to see you. Thanks for stopping by in Idaho Falls!

Melanie and the Boys said...

I ALWAYS take last in Bowling...I figure someone has to might as well be me.

Thanks for the tip on the Aquafresh :)