Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Meet My Crazy Family

So I was going through all of my pictures and came across this one...and just started laughing my head off. This would be my crazy family!! This also would be the Christmas photo my mom sent to all of our family this year...they must be so proud. Don't even ask me how this came to be...My brothers are nuts. So from left to right meet my family. Angela (#3) is in red next to kylee (#6)..the only normal looking ones in the photo. Apparently they didn't get the memo on this being a funny picture. Angela lives in Bellevue with 2 kids (who like me more than her). Kylee goes to BYU...and she is the nuttiest of all the girls. Jordan (#8) has Hunter (#9) on his shoulders..they are the babies of the family. Jordan plays football and is a band nerd...Hunter thinks he is a skater and loves AC DC...we are two peas in a pod. Brad (#7) has TJ (#4) on his shoulders..Brad is the third youngest and is deathly afraid of spiders, lets just say he stripped down to his boxers when he thought there was a spider on him..wuss. TJ has been married a year..he is nuts and is the funniest person in our family. Then there is me the Golden Child...Whatever!!! For some dumb reason Jeff (#1) put Rocky (#5) on his shoulders. Jeff is trying to prove he is the strongest man in the world my lifting my 6'6...290lb brother on his shoulders. Jeff is married with three kids living in Idaho. He is a music teacher and baseball coach. Rocky is an offensive lineman for Eastern Washington University. He is a senior, and this will be his last year playing football. I am very sad because I love going to his games. It is so much fun. He is actually playing BYU this year..that would be why I am going there in October! I am also going to see all my friends i haven't seen in years. By the way there are 9 of us. We are absolutely crazy, never a dull moment as you can see.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Oh Dear!!!

The night before my talk I was hanging out with my brother TJ, his wife, Lindsay and my sister Angela. I was asking him to come and hear me speak. Well he was like only if you give me a shout out. Example....."I'd like to give a shout out to my bro TJ...Holla!!" We must have come up with about a half dozen ways to do it. Pretty funny!! Anyways sunday rolls around and I had no intentions to give the shout out. My bro and his wife came to hear me speak, which I was very excited about. So I am nearing the end of my talk and getting ready to bear my testimony. So what do I do, you guessed it...I said I would like to give my brother TJ a Shout out and thank him for coming today!! As I look at him I see his face get beat red and his wife started laughing her head off. Everyone who knows me was laughing, everyone else just had blank stares. I am sure up to that moment my talk went well!! Makes me wonder what everyone thought about that. What can I say sometimes when I get nervous I say and do stupid things. Oh well life goes on.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Speaking in church!!

So....I have to speak in church tomorrow!! Of course I am waiting until the last moment to prepare it. I am also kicking myself for waiting until the last moment. I am such a procrastinator. I feel as if I do my best work under pressure. I am sure that is not true. I went for years without speaking, and now I am giving my second talk in a year. I some how need to start flying under the radar!! I think it is time for a move, where no one knows me. I just get so voice gets shaky and I tend to talk too fast. For the love...whats a girl to do. By the way I should totally be working on my talk right now, but this is such a good distraction...back to work!! Wish me luck!!!

PS....I am also subbing for the choir director so I will be attempting to hold choir practice tomorrow and I am subbing for the primary chorister if I don't have enough to worry about.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Exciting News!!

I am so sorry that I am not the worlds greatest blogger, but there is nothing exciting happening in my life, but something exciting happened to a girl from camp on Saturday, so I thought that I would share it with you!! Katie W. was a non-member who attended camp this year. She was such a sweet girl, and a ton of fun to be around. Her friend Katie M. brought her to camp because she was investigating the church and they thought it would be a good spiritual experience for her. Well I received an email Thursday telling me that she was getting baptized I was so excited!! She truly has a heart of gold. I am a little sad because she lives right on the border of our stake and the tacoma stake, her house is on the wrong side of the street, so sad, but I am sure I will see a ton of her....her best friend is in my stake. The baptism was was so great to see her smiling non-stop and to see the bond between the two Katie's made me miss quite a few of my good friends, who I haven't seen in years. So to all my good friends, love ya tons and hopefully I will be able to see you soon.!!

This is Katie who just got Baptized I am so proud of her.....She is amazing!!!
The Girl on the left is Katie (who got baptized) at camp and Katie on the Right was a good little missionary and introduced her to the church!! By the way Katie on the Right is obsessed with Spider Man!

We all are throwing our hands in the air...........Big Papa Style.....Total Girls Camp Thing!!!!!!!! From left to right: Carrie, Sammie, Katie W., Katie M., Me, Shaylin!! Little camp reunion! hand looks like it is coming our of Shaylins Backside.......Geez louise!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Camp Group Photo!!!

This is the group photo from camp!! There were about 150 girls. I am in the upper right corner....5 girls in!! The girls in red are our first years. Are second years are in lime green. The third years are in Aquatic Blue!! Fourth years are in Yellow. Are YCL's (5th yrs) are in purple and our JCL's (6th yrs) are in Hot Pink!!! As I am looking at the picture, I think some of our 6th years snuck out, those darn buggards. I think I actually miss girls camp. I kind of want to go back. I never thought that would happen. I thought for sure we would get released after this year, but I met with the Stake President to get my temple recommend renewed and he made it sound like we are in it for the long hall. I think that I am ok with that. I assure you there are moments I do not want to do this anymore, but in the end it's all worth it.