Thursday, April 16, 2009

Snow, Snow, and More Snow....

It is the middle of April and we just got about a foot of snow!! Absolutely Ridiculous!!! TJ, Lindsay, and baby Henry got here just in time for our little snow storm. We went out this morning and played in it. It was quite warm. I am sure it will all melt by tomorrow!! One can hope.

TJ and Ang built a monster of a snow man!!
Gage and Kyah on a mound of snow...Kyah enjoying the rays from the sunshine!! This would be my car snowed in...for the love!!

In the videos we have T pulling kyah, then T pulling Ang, in that video look for Gage sneaking up on them to get them with and snowball!! Ang tries to pull T, but gets no where!!

video video video

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Please Call Me.....

Today day I had the great opportunity to talk in church. I am glad it is over. I assume that in the bulletin my name will be spelt wrong, usually with one M. I have learned to except it, lets be honest how many kim's do you know spell their name with 2 M's. I am new in this ward and I don't know very many people and I am pretty sure that this is what they will be calling me....

For the love...this is a new one for me. At least they got the two was just N's not M's. One of the counselors asked me how to say my name and I told him Kimm, but I still think the Bishop said Kinn over the pulpit. Pretty sure I was called Kinn a couple times today. I have been called worse things......

Happy Easter!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

To the Vainest sister in the world.....

Please ignore the post below...My sister has always been full of her self!!! Angel..I think not..more like a dirty little #$*&@!!! I am totally fine with her beating me at Mario Party, a stinkin wii game..I beat her at everything else. I will give her that one. OH..little sister the war might be on.....You messed with the wrong beast!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Angela Rocks!!

I just want to say that my sister Angela is positively the greatest ever. I love her so much, even if she always beats me at Mario Party. I basically am the worst ever at Mario Party. Maybe Angela can give me lessons. I know she will since she is an angel. After all, her name is Angel-a!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Toenail Painting Party...

The other day Angela, Kyah and I went over to Amber's house to have a toe nail painting party with all the girls. Ang brought her foot spa and we gave them all mini pedicures. It was fun...I even joined in the fun and painted my toes a very hot pink. We all know how I feel about pink.

This is Samantha...she was not too sure about the massaging was pretty funny!!

Kyah being a total diva...jk

How cute is That face...Her mom thinks she is trouble..I disagree..she is an Angel..

Cute Amber painting cute toes...

The three girlies cute are they...

Me and the girlies with a new freshly painted toes...Which ones are mine?