Thursday, December 30, 2010

Winterfreakin Wonderland..

We all know how much I love the snow!! I love it even more when I have to dig my car out. A couple days before Christmas we got dumped on...thankfully it warmed up and was just really wet the next couple of days. A couple days ago it snowed again for the love...Is it spring time yet??? I Can't wait!!

This is outside my front door!
My car buried...Lovely!!
My car again..such a joy digging your car out..Angela's backyard...looked very pretty!! If only it could stay off the roads and my car!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bored Much....

What do you do when you are Bored...Well Gage and I take jumping Pictures...It was quite fun and hilarious!! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!! Here are some of our best Pics...

Love the Christmas PJ's!!!

Can you say Air Jordan...or I mean Air Gage..Give that kid a ball!! This is the face you get when you drop Auntie's camera...It is all still works. He was a little scared he broke it!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I got a JOB!!! After what seemed an eternity...interview after interview..and a big fat sorry you didn't get the job..I finally landed one. I actually think I will really like this one. I am working at Provo Canyon School. I will be working in the North Orem Campus. It is a 16 bed facility just for Utah Kids. I am excited...wish me luck and keep me in you prayers that this one sticks...Now onto getting residency to start School in January!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Love Fall....

I LOVE THE FALL...just in case you didn't know!! I went on my first ski lift ever..I am not a fan of heights..I only panicked once or twice..I only cried once..ha ha! It was a blast and it was the perfect day..not too hot..not too cold as long as it wasn't windy. It was absolutely beautiful at Sundance!! It was so peaceful up there. I can't wait to go again. Maybe next year I will go and do a little exploring. Thanks to Ang for the invite!!

Angie and her kiddos on the way to the top!!

Look I am smiling..this is right before the tears..JK!!

I thought out shadow was cool!!

The rest of the pictures are just scenery shots...I love all the colors of Fall!!

I loved these yellow and green trees..they were some of my favorites!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jaxon Jay is here..Finally!!

This little Red Head has finally graced us with his presence. Jaxon Jay Petersen was born October 15, 2010. Weighing in at 8lbs 9oz and a whopping 20 1/2 inches long. He looks like his mother...He has her nose!! I think the red hair mainly comes from Marks side of the family!! He is the cutest. I can't wait to snuggle him!! I am in LOVE!!

Jaxon Jay Petersen

My Oh My...check out that hair..unbelievable!!

Congrats Mark and Kylee!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oh Brother....

This Dude showed up at my house Wednesday Morning!!! My 19 year old Brother Jordan. It was a huge surprise!!! I loved it!!

We played pinochle, Texas holdem, Settlers and some Yahtzee!! Pretty sure he lost every game.
This is a showdown between the Dude and the Beast...Texas Holdem got a little tense!! He also experienced In and Out Burger for the 1st time..Jordy Likes!! I was able to take him around Provo. We went by the MTC..which hopefully in the future he will be entering. Through BYU. He hiked the Y...I dropped him off what a loser..made him do it by himself!! (he hiked it during the day, not at might think that because of the pictures below)
This is at the base of the hike to the Y..the sky looks awesome!!

Start of the hike..I actually dropped him off the next day.

He wanted a picture with the there you go!!

The Stadium gates were we went in. They were repainting the field for the homecoming game. It was pretty cool being in there. Last time I was there was when Rocky played against BYU!!

We had a great two days with my BRO...thanks for coming!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Photo Shoots.....

The Tracy's were in town and they asked me to take their photos. I absolutely love this family. I worked as the assistant stake camp director with the Janet for three years. I was so excited to do a quick shoot at the tabernacle. That way when we hit Los Hermanos we could just walk across the street (Tracy family favorite spot to eat in P-town)!! Thanks for letting me take your family pictures!!!

I love jumping pictures...they said they were too short to jump off the ground...they couldn't get any we opted for jumping off a ledge!!

This is Ang and her family. She was in need of a new family off we went to Neilsons grove in Orem. It was actually a great place to shoot, but it was extremely sunny..I think they turned out pretty good. They are a pretty photogenic bunch!!

This picture cracks me up...we apparently lost control of the kids..totally doing their own thing..Good thing Ang is always striking a pose!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Come Back...Come Back....Come Back

Some of my favorite people..cousins...just moved to Washington. I am still a little sad. Who knows when I will be getting back to Washington to see them. I will definitely miss our game nights. The millions of Barbies found in the guest bed downstairs (known as kimmi's room). Amy and Samantha opening up the door in the morning to see if I was really there.
The monster go away dance I would do for the girls when I put them to bed and they will only ever be the ones to see me do it. Going to movies with ya..and Brandon wearing his big coat with all the pockets and one that had a lunchable in it. He is out of control. We had so many good laughs..Maybe we could be pen people still do that. I love you and I miss you and COME BACK!!

Brandon and Amber ready for church.....oh wait I mean a Halloween party (Amber may kill me)

Bougs playing chubby bunny at my birthday party.

Little mantha...she would write me the sweetest notes...

Oh monster Amy..Dont' let that sweet smile fool you

I was Hallie's Favorite..I am not gonna lie

Monkey see Monkey do..this Hals copying the girls. So Hilarious!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

It is a Sad Day....

It is a sad day when you favorite pair of flip flops that you had for 8 plus years break at a rest area in Oregon, while traveling with your sister and kids to Washington. They sure thought it was funny. This post may be a little pathetic, but I love them. The wear and tear on them was ridiculous..I didn't care..I didn't care that there was paint on the toe. I really want to find another pair, but lets be honest..It ain't gonna happen. R.I.P. Flip Flops...ha ha!!

PS..I know I am pathetic!! Deal with it!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Calling...

I am no longer the CTR 4 teacher and when they released me I cried like a baby and couldn't get it together. It had been a bad weekend...and I couldn't control myself. I do love those kids. My new calling is the Nursery leader...this is not what you are all thinking. Nursery in this ward is a little different. I will not lie to you, but there are a total of 56 kids in can all get back up on your chairs!! There are 6 nurseries...I am in charge of it all. Two teachers per nursery, me and an assistant. I so far have only done it for on sunday and I felt as if I got a work out. Plenty of moving, helping, cleaning up and sitting in chairs talking with Joy( nursery leader asst., I just follow her around like a puppy), who by the way is a doll and was so darn helpful. I met with the old Nursery leader and it took both of us to carry everything back to my place..I am little over whelmed because there is a lot of stuff she does outside of Sundays!! A lot of organizing...I think I am pretty good at organizer...just don't go and look at my room right now...a bomb went off. Anyways wish me luck..Seriously..I got to shake these nerves!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Birthday fit for a PRINCESS...........

My Birthday was about a month ago..I am still recovering from the Shock of being the Big 33. Angela threw me a little party with some family and friends. Kyah picked out the cake..which would explain the princess theme and Gage gave me the best birthday present ever. Thanks to all who celebrated with me.

Princess cake...lovely isn't tasty!!
Me and Kyah with the cake. She was so excited to surprise me. She know me so well.
Gage will never let me spike his hair or do anything fun with it..but for my birthday he came down stairs with this awesome hair do..Thanks bud!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bumper Boats....

While T and Linds were here we went to Liberty Land (not sure I would recommend it). Pretty sure we went on the hottest day and of course their air conditioning broke and none of the video games were usable. The last thing we did was the bumper boats, to cool us off. Gage actually controlled his own boat and did a pretty darn good job. I think his favorite part was spraying everyone. We also went and did laser tag. T and Gage versus me and Ang. It was hilarious and hot. Gage was pretty sneaky and he loved it.

T and Henry..he lasted 2 seconds..then he came and hung with me!!

Gage was awesome..he was going after everyone.
Angela and Kyah...she loved it.

Oh T..pretty sure Gage just got him wet.

Angela and Linds teaming up..battling the boys

T after Linds

Ang to the rescue..T caught in the Cross fire.

Gage actually had the nerve to come after me and Henry..he succeeded with a shot straight the the actually felt quite good.