Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Finally Finished It....

The girls at work taught me how to crochet!! So my first project was to make a blanket for my niece Khloe! I started off strong and then I ran out of green and the store was out..so after a couple months, I finally got the green and was able to finish it in time for Khloe girl to come to Utah! I am quite proud of my first attempt to crochet..I had great teachers!!!

Klo Klo sitting on the blanket....she is so cute!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

My Missionary.....

So this Amazing missionary, my brother, ran into a friend from home! So good to see him with a familiar face. I don't know the story or how they ended up together, but it is pretty cool. Jordan just got transferred, so I wonder if he is in his ward or what. Regardless fun to see his mug!! He is doing so Great on his Mission! Thanks Jeremy for posting this on Facebook!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

The things I do.....embarassasing...

So today in sacrament meeting I was sitting with my friend Dusty and her two kids. We were on the side of the chapel and there was a family behind us and one in front, well the kids can squeeze between the wall and the pew and venture off to other pews. Why they didn't them put them closer together, is beyond me. It would have saved me today!! So the little boy behind me ventures up to the pew in front of me and I can hear the mom and dad trying to get him to come back. This is all happening during the sacrament song. I ask the mom if she wants me to hand him to her, you know cuz I am so nice and I am all about helping the Momma's...Well I grab the kid and the mom in front points at the cup of goodies he had, so I hand it to her....then she says that's my kid......Yep you guessed it....not only did I grad the wrong kid, I also took away his vanilla wafers...needless to say when this happened their kid went back and we were all laughing so hard. I seriously was so red faced and I couldn't get it together for pretty much the whole meeting. The kid in front had an older brother about 3 years old and he pretty much gave me a death stare for the rest of the meeting and I could hear his mom saying she is a nice lady...Oh my Hannah...I am now known as the SACRAMENT BABY SNATCHER!!! So you all better watch out!!

In my defense they were both Blond!!!

Monday, October 31, 2011


This beast of a huge, nasty, thick, piece of crap spider was IN MY ROOM.....ON MY CEILING!! Are you kidding me!! Here is my problem...I was waiting for the spawn of Satan to come down the wall so I could kill it, but this thing decided to crawl up my vent, so I of course shut it immediately, but now it is getting cold and I DO NOT want to open it!!! Maybe a cold cold winter for me!!! A little help please......

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

SEATTLE Mariners...

When in Washington you must go to a Mariners game!! They obviously aren't the best team in the league, but it is all about the experience, Right or the Garlic Fries!! Must have the Garlic Fries!!! We had a blast at the game...it was fun to hang out with the family even though the Mariners lost!!! I love being there...it was a beautiful day..perfect day for baseball!!! You can't go wrong!!

We hung around after the game and some of the workers gave Josh and Payton a baseball they found after batting practice, needless to say, they were excited!!

Josh and Payton with the ball!!

Finally after a long long year...I got to see my girls...it was so much fun..I miss them so much..
Part of our group...some were kicking it in left field!!! (better lookin ones)
Janelle and Coop!!
Me and Rana!
Our group...minus me...I am the photographer!!
Ang and Hunt cheering... I am not sure what they are cheering for...
Auntie Shawna and Hallie
Ky and Janelle
The girls...Amy, Samantha, Kyah, and Grace
Bougs and Jeff...

Thursday, August 25, 2011


After being in Washington for two days...Finally..Jeff and his family arrived from Fort Rucker, AL!!! We all were at Rocky's house waiting for them. There was plenty of excitement and hugs!! I hadn't seen them in a little over a year!! Those who live in Washington hadn't seen them in almost two years!!! It was definitely the best part of the trip!! The kiddos had all gotten so darn big!!! It was so fun to spend a week with them!!! So sad to see them leave...I think they need to adopt me!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lake Trask....

Our first adventure in Washington was to go camping!!! I love camping and I haven't done it in a long time. TJ's wife Lindsay's mom owns camping property on a little lake and she let us go up there and stay a night. We were going to stay two, but it started raining!! We got up there set things up and went swimming...it was a little cloudy, but that didn't stop us. Gage and Henry gave it a try, but only lasted a few minutes. Kyah on the other hand stayed with us big kids the whole time!! She was a rock star. I haven't been swimming in years..so it was fun to goof around in the water. Of course we cooked our dinner over the fire....some serious Brats, we also roasted marshmallows and Angela and I mastered the art of making Jiffy pop over the fire. Good time!!! Brad and Rocky came up for the day. Gage started his first fire (thanks to Aunt Lindsay for helping him) and became a pyro...may want to watch out for that. So much fun..can't wait to do it again!

Kyah kickin it with the big kids...T, Rock, and me!!

This picture of Kyah and TJ is so adorable...I love Rocky in the background...he was snorkeling for treasures...apparently you can find some fun stuff!!

Me and Kyah....she seriously was cracking me up when we were swimming...thought it was funny to splash me in the mug!! Don't worry I splashed her back!!
Henry kickin it on the swinging chair...you can see the sun!!
I was taking a picture of TJ wearing my girlie hat...not sure what he is doing....
It started to rain...Linds, Ang, and T taking cover..
I don't know why, but this picture cracks me up!!
They loved roasting marshmallows, but she may need to get them closer to the fire...
Gage had quite the roasting stick...4 at a time!!
This is the only picture I had of Brad...he wouldn't look at the camera!!
Khloe was the worlds best baby camping..forgot she was even there sometimes!!
There they are fishing...it was so peaceful in the morning...it was so awesome!!
Kyah and I waiting for Ang, T, and gage to come back and get her.
T, Ang and Gage were the first ones out on the lake....
I love that Henry is just kickin it in the back of the boat...
We did not catch anything, but Kyah got a big bite and found out she had her first lose tooth..that is quite a fishing trip!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Seattle Road Trip

On Sunday July 10th @ 3:30 in the am we left for Washington!!! We were so excited to see our family especially Jeff and Jana and their kids..it had been over a year since we had seen them. About 2 hours into our trek, Miss Kyah started puking...I reached back to push the blanked up around her mouth so that it didn't get all over the car. It was all over her, blankets, seat belt and my hand. Thankfully it wasn't too stinky(I am sure you wanted to know that). After a quick clean up we were back on the road!! I blame her mom..she did not give her Dramamine and she let her watch a movie. Next gas station we got the drugs and she slept the most of the trip. Problem solved...Rest of the drive went quite smoothly. We arrived in Sumner in the late afternoon to TJ and Lindsay's house...We got quite the welcome and it was so great to be out of the car....

We saw this little man again...Hank the Tank...he is so funny!!

We met Khloe Michelle for the first time...of course she has my same initials..so a part of her is named after me...Love her!! She is the sweetest!!
The kids played Hide and Go Seek....Uncle TJ..found the spot for Henry and Kyah!!

Gage like to scare us by poking his head into the side of the umbrella!
We all helped TJ build Henry's new playground!!
Kyah, Me and Henry hid out in the roof of his playground!
Gage wishes he didn't get T wet....Henry got in on the action!
Henry loved climbing all over me...I loved it too!

Best of all I was able to order dinner from Sushi Town...Best Sushi ever!!! If you are ever in Bonney Lake Check it out!

More posts to come from my amazing trip to Washington!!!