Thursday, August 4, 2011

Seattle Road Trip

On Sunday July 10th @ 3:30 in the am we left for Washington!!! We were so excited to see our family especially Jeff and Jana and their had been over a year since we had seen them. About 2 hours into our trek, Miss Kyah started puking...I reached back to push the blanked up around her mouth so that it didn't get all over the car. It was all over her, blankets, seat belt and my hand. Thankfully it wasn't too stinky(I am sure you wanted to know that). After a quick clean up we were back on the road!! I blame her mom..she did not give her Dramamine and she let her watch a movie. Next gas station we got the drugs and she slept the most of the trip. Problem solved...Rest of the drive went quite smoothly. We arrived in Sumner in the late afternoon to TJ and Lindsay's house...We got quite the welcome and it was so great to be out of the car....

We saw this little man again...Hank the Tank...he is so funny!!

We met Khloe Michelle for the first time...of course she has my same a part of her is named after me...Love her!! She is the sweetest!!
The kids played Hide and Go Seek....Uncle TJ..found the spot for Henry and Kyah!!

Gage like to scare us by poking his head into the side of the umbrella!
We all helped TJ build Henry's new playground!!
Kyah, Me and Henry hid out in the roof of his playground!
Gage wishes he didn't get T wet....Henry got in on the action!
Henry loved climbing all over me...I loved it too!

Best of all I was able to order dinner from Sushi Town...Best Sushi ever!!! If you are ever in Bonney Lake Check it out!

More posts to come from my amazing trip to Washington!!!

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