Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tagged....This is for you Kalie

I have been tagged by my BFF Kalie...so here goes...10 quirks about me...I don't have any..I am perfect!! Ha Ha!!

1. I dislike driving in the snow...I love to look at it, but why can't it just stay off the road.

2. I am not a fan of feet, I Hate them..do not understand why some people feel it necessary to
put them on me knowing I hate them.

3. I am a huge sports fan..I love any and all sports. I am actually participating in my
first fantasy football league..started off great..not doing so great now.

4. I do not like to do my hair or makeup, but the older I get the more necessary it is..especially
the makeup..I am not 18 anymore. I need help in the
makeup department.

5. I love to joke around, play little harmless pranks..I am always up for a good laugh.

6. I live for my Sunday naps...I love them. Please do not call...I will not get up and
answer the phone. I do not waste anytime when I get home from church..quick bite..then hit
the sack.

7. When I get nervous I bite my nails. I have been doing it for years, especially during my
sports games ...An awful habit that I have gotten much better at, but notice myself doing
it the other day, just about died, thought I had out grown it.

8. I do not like the sound of brushing teeth..I must have the water running while I brush
mine...it is especially worse when I can here someone else doing it..it's like
nails on a chalkboard for me.

9. I can not eat a tomato if my life depended on it. I have tried and tried and I still gag like
you wouldn't believe. For some reason..I have no problem eating salsa, I do avoid the
tomatoes..I can spot them a mile away..I just like the juice.

10. I actually like to cook, but it is even better if I have someone to cook for, I tend to get
more creative. When it is just me I cook the basics!!

Well Kalie, I hope you are satisfied...I tag whoever wants to do it.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Back to the Mother Land..

By the way I have just posted about 7 blogs that I should have posted forever ago..oh well. Jeff and I last weekend drove to Washington to see my brothers football game. I was only there for 2 1/2 days. It was busy. I spent most of my time bouncing from house to house visiting everyone. There were quite a few people I didn't get a chance to visit..maybe next time my trip will be a little longer. I miss it there...especially knowing that snow is in my future..I dislike it immensely. Lindsay my sister-n-law is prego and it was good to see her cute baby bump. I wish I would have taken a picture and I saw their new house...it is so cute. We went to Jordan's game..I believe it was the worse game for Sumner High ever. It was good to see him play. The only highlight for them was the blocked PAT kick that Jordan had. I won't even tell you the score..it is embarrassing. It rained the whole game..I miss the rain...Good Ole Washington..Never disappoints.

Jordan is number 24, he was one of the captains for that game. He plays safety and defensive back. We stopped in Spokane on the way there and back and stayed the night at Rocky's. It helped to break the trip up. We went out to eat and we all crammed in Janelle's 2 door car. Rocky and Jeff volunteered to sit in the back. Rocky can't even sit straight up. Pretty funny!!
Jeff looks hot in my sunglasses....What a tard!! Driving with Jeff is quite the experience, I got punched in the nose, I was scarred on a regular basis and I found out that he is the dancing queen. I also realized that I like to take pointless pictures of myself in the car...there are like 20..I will spare you.
All in All a good Trip!!

Meadow Lake

In Idaho somewhere, by Birch Creek is this little place call Meadow Lake. My new favorite place. You actually have to drive through a ghost town. Which I totally wanted to explore, but there were no trespassing signs everywhere. It actually was an old mining town from 1810-1929, until a power plant explosion shut everything down. I like this kind of stuff...forgot the name of it though. You could see the old mining caves. I just wish I could have walked around it a little. I probably should have taken a picture. When you reach the top of what ever you are driving up there is Meadow Lake..it is awesome. We first went on a little hike and then we fished which I haven't done in years. I had a blast fishing. I may have reeled a few in before I let the kids. Eventually all the fishing poles were getting bites so everyone had a chance to catch a couple fish!!

Grace, Josh and Crazy Payton..on the hike!!

All the boys fishing...Payton, Josh, Jeff, My dad (he is the one sitting in the white at the end of the picture)Payton reeled in a doosie....
Meadow Lake...
Jeff took Hunter (my little bro) up to Meadow Lake a few years ago and he carved our last name in this bench. It was still there. Not sure if you can read it.

My BFF's in Blackfoot..

A couple weeks ago I went and hung out with a couple of my friends in Blackfoot. I will tell you it is fun to be 20 again. We went shopping, spent way to much time at a Halloween store and went to lunch at Iggys. It was quite a fun day...don't worry we even kick it that evening.

Breanna, Andrea, Kalie and Me. Totally going to give this picture to our Branch President. Could you even imagine, but we might wear them to the Halloween party. Breanna and Kalie (the blond)...they are sisters. I think I could be Kalie's teenage Mom!! Then late in the evening we all brainstormed the idea to dress in black put on some black makeup and go to a friend in the branch's house and create a crime scene. Breanna laid on the ground, while Kalie traced her and Andrea and I put up caution tape. When we got to the house we had to sit in the bushes for a few minutes...there is a great picture of it, I do not have it. I remember saying..How old am I...seriously..who does this when they are 20-11..wait I do..I had a good time. I don't think I will ever grow up.

This is all of us before we went...Kalie has anger issues.. Don't ask..Breanna and Kalie brought this mask..we did get some great pictures.
We are out of control.

This picture cracks me up. I love how we are smiling..and Psycho is behind us!!
Good Times...I do have friends in Blackfoot!!!

My First Canning Experience...

Those who know me know that I love pickles. I can eat a whole jar in one sitting. It is out of control. My Aunt when I was little would make all different kinds of pickles, I loved the hot ones, but I love canned pickles. So My sister-n-law Jana is the canning queen. She and my brother can everything. They grew some pickling cucumbers (not sure if their are different then the regular you grow) and they gave some to me to can. So Jana taught me how to do it..it was quite fun, probably because I didn't have to cut or peel anything. So it was quite easy. I was able to get 5 jars. I started with 6 and the pressure cooker broke one. Anyways..can't wait to try them on November 1st. Jana had to put a date on them because she knew I would probably eat them right away.
Thanks Rana!!!

Skindawg Family...

My Good Friends from Washington brought their son out to BYUI, so I got a chance to hand with them quite a bit. Ann and I worked together on camp for 3 years and became one of my closest friends. I absolutely love their family. It was so great to see them again. I just went to Washington and Ann, Ryan and I were able to go our favorite resturant...Sushi Town..the best, I could have eaten their everyday...I didn't!!

This is Ryan he went to School with Rocky, which he always tells me to tell Rock Hi..I always ask him if I am chop liver. He is my favorite!!

This is my dear friend Ann...Love her to pieces!!

This is her son Sean who they dropped off at school. I saw him a couple days later at the fair..totally had his arm around some blond...he'd been at school for 2 days...He didn't waste anytime!

I did have a picture of her husband and me, I look gross..so It didn't make the cut!!

Blackfoot Fair...

When I first moved to Blackfoot the first thing people would say to me was, you just wait till the fair comes in September...it is the coolest fair. Of course I told them that I lived 5 minutes from one of the largest state fairs in the US. This is probably the biggest thing that happens in Blackfoot. When the fair came..the whole town shut down, not really, but it felt like it. People go everyday...it is insane how much money people spend on the fair. I went on the last day for a few hours with the Petersons. It was a lot of fun. Kate and Dylan enjoyed the rides and enjoyed some good food. I will say I am glad it is over..I don't have to take back roads to the house to avoid traffic. Over all it is a pretty darn good Fair.
This is Dylan doing the Tractor Pull...he did awesome and made it to the finals.


Kate wanted makeup on so I of course put it on..then she thought that she should be able to put mine on. I told her she could put on my blush. I do think we are quite HOT!!