Friday, October 10, 2008

My BFF's in Blackfoot..

A couple weeks ago I went and hung out with a couple of my friends in Blackfoot. I will tell you it is fun to be 20 again. We went shopping, spent way to much time at a Halloween store and went to lunch at Iggys. It was quite a fun day...don't worry we even kick it that evening.

Breanna, Andrea, Kalie and Me. Totally going to give this picture to our Branch President. Could you even imagine, but we might wear them to the Halloween party. Breanna and Kalie (the blond)...they are sisters. I think I could be Kalie's teenage Mom!! Then late in the evening we all brainstormed the idea to dress in black put on some black makeup and go to a friend in the branch's house and create a crime scene. Breanna laid on the ground, while Kalie traced her and Andrea and I put up caution tape. When we got to the house we had to sit in the bushes for a few minutes...there is a great picture of it, I do not have it. I remember saying..How old am I...seriously..who does this when they are 20-11..wait I do..I had a good time. I don't think I will ever grow up.

This is all of us before we went...Kalie has anger issues.. Don't ask..Breanna and Kalie brought this mask..we did get some great pictures.
We are out of control.

This picture cracks me up. I love how we are smiling..and Psycho is behind us!!
Good Times...I do have friends in Blackfoot!!!

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Kalie said...

KIMM!! i love your blog i cant believe we had such a blast that weekend it was pretty much amazing! haha we need to do it again soon ok! have fun girl! i love ya tons!