Thursday, December 20, 2007

Feliz Navidad!!

Welcome to Blackfoot!! Home of the Potatoes! I am pretty sure this is the Largest potato ever!! I am getting ready to take off to Jeff and Jana's for Christmas. First one away from home and I am ready to party it up. Jana you better get ready to go caroling and you must fulfill your triple double dog dare while I am there. Anyways..I just want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy Happy New Year. I love you and miss you all!!

PS..pretty sure I am fluent in spanish and I can't spell Feliz Navidad!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Last one for the Big Guy!! love ya #77!!

I know this one is a month past due too...hey I am Slow!! Jeff's state game was on Friday and Rocky's last home game of the season was on Saturday and they were only a little over an hour away from each other...we got really lucky. So most of the family were at the games. We were able to walk out onto the field with Rocky as they called his name for the last time. My whole family walked out including an aunt and uncle. It was quite the parade. Then it poured on us during the whole first half of the game. What a way to go out. I started the season out with rain..might as well end it with rain. I have enjoyed being able to go and see my brother play for the last 4 years. All the late night driving, cheering and hot dogs are going to be missed very much. I am very sad to see it all end. There were so many fun times at those games and even more fun times at Rocky's house eating pizza after the games. Thanks Rocky for sharing this with me!! I love you very much!!

This is part of the gang waiting to walk out onto the field!!

My nephews Josh and Payton and my brother Hunter!!

My Dad and Rocky walking onto the Field..the rest followed!! This is Rocky right before we walked out!!
I don't have the worlds nicest camera, but this is Rocky on the Offensive line..#77!!

Jana and Grace getting poured on..good think for Ponchos!! This is Rocky and I after the game. I had one of us on the field..but i look gross. This one is much better!!
By the way Rocky's team went to playoffs. The were ranked #16 and they played the #2 team and they beat them. Then they lost in the 2nd round to Appalachian state!!

Idaho State Champs!!

I totally know this happened a month ago, but I am little bit behind on blogging. Jeff's football team won 2A state championship in Idaho. It was such a fun game..obviously because we won. Most of my family was there, which made it even more fun. Plus Jana (Jeff's wife) the kids and I were able to travel together to the game and 8 hour fun for Jana!! I was the car abc game CHAMPION!! Anyways, congrats to my bro and his team.

This is TJ's back..they were printing shirts for you right at the game!!

The Family going nuts after a huge score!!

Jeff and the other Coaches!!

All the brothers except for Rocky..what can I say they are Hanni's!!

Grace, Angela, Me and Jana after was a celebration picture!!

This is the whole gang after the game...gotta love your family!! I don't think we have one normal picture...My sister in law Jana has been living with my brother for too long!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dodgeball Anyone?

I was so excited to find out on Sunday that we were going to play dodge ball on Wednesday for our activity. Wednesday came and I found out that my new cute branch is very serious about dodge ball and they play quite regularly. It was so much fun. Even the branch president and his counselors and two of the wives came and played. At first no one would throw the ball at me...I am the new girl. So I could be sneaky and get them out. Then of the counselors (so intense and competitive, I love it) caught on and got everyone to gang up on me. I dodged 7 balls one right after another and the 8th one got my hand. I put my cat like reflexes to use. Everyone cheered for me as I was dodging them. It was quite exciting. Towards the end some of them were saying get the new girl...that will be my name until someone new comes. The Relief Society Pres and I were the only girls who came to play besides the wives. Then I saw her today at the gym and we worked out together...I think she might be my new best friend!! By the way my team went 5 and 2...pretty good. When we were all done the treat was a fat boy...big ole ice cream was like Christmas for all the boys they were so excited. Then Wally came up to me and said Welcome to Blackfoot..were all about dodge ball and fat boys. I thought they were all about potatoes, cow manure ( I live right by a cow auction) and trucks. I have never seen so many trucks in my life. Anyways I think I might turn into a professional dodge baller!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Another one bites the dust!!

So I had a bit of an accident two days ago. My cousin Scott and I have been going to the gym at 7:30 am for a little work out. As I was getting into the car my foot hit the edge of the drive way and rolled as I went to the ground my knee (on the other leg) slammed into the cement. As I laid there is a little bit of pain I rolled over to see my cousin Scott looking out through the passenger window wondering where I went. He came over to me and I was laughing and crying and ticked off because I have been doing so well with going to the gym. Needless to say he helped me up and got me inside..I iced both the ankle and the knee and took some much needed Ibuprofen. They are both swollen...but nothing too serious. I will be back in the gym on Monday.
I am such a clutz. Of course I blamed Scott for parking so close to the edge of the driveway..he was a good two feet away. He went and made a spot for his car in the garage so this won't happen again. I just now have to look out for the big wheels.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

My New YSA Branch!!

My YSA branch totally meets in a Mortuary. How hilarious. Church in only 2 1/2 hours long...gotta love it. The Relief Society president noticed that there one piano player wasn't there so I saw all the hopes in her eyes when she asked me if I could play the piano....of course I said I would be a treasure if I could say yes right now. I am so silly. Then I commented in Sunday school...really good teacher. I was talking about my decision to come here and I started to cry and I said good thing I am crying here I saw about 800 kleenex boxes on the rows. everyone laughed then someone handed me a box and I said I am taking the whole box because there is no shortage here. I am such an dork. The first two rows of Relief society and sacrament are the big ole nice couches you could fall asleep on those babies. Gotta love Blackfoot!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I'm a Idahoan!!!

I made the trek to Blackfoot!! My car made it....I made it barely...Got a little stir crazy towards the end!! I am getting used to my new environment in Blackfoot, Idaho....Culture shock..Just Kidding! I took some funny pictures of myself while driving...Well I think they are funny. I will post them when I get a chance to download. I still need to fully unload the black whole that is my car. I hate unpacking. I hope you all are doing well and you are not missing me too much!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I'm Moving........Blackfoot here I come!!

This last week while I was in Utah, I got a call from my cousin and he offered me a job working for him. He owns a couple of I will be doing something with them. I really didn't ask him exactly what I was going to do..I was just so excited and nervous about taking the job and making another move to another state. I will be living with him and his family. Thank goodness for family. My brother Jeff and his family live about 45 min to an hour I will get to see them often. I am so excited about that. When I asked my nephew josh what he thought about me moving close to them he said it's about time I had an Aunt close to made me want to cry. I called my sister-n-law Jana (josh's mom) she screamed..just the reaction I wanted to hear. I had to put her on speaker phone so we could all here her reaction. I know this seams out of the blue, but it is the right thing to do and I am ready for a change. I am definetly going to miss my girls camp girls and all the new friends I made here, but I will be back for visits. I have already had a few phone calls that ended in tears, but it happens!! This just feels right and I can't wait for my new adventures. You will have to keep up with my blog and her about all the haps in Blackfoot..such a metropolis of a city. Love it! I can't wait to smell those potatoes....ha ha!! I will be out of Washington in 2 weeks...Wish me Luck!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007


The main reason I went to Utah was to see my brothers football team play against BYU. We had such a great time at the game. We were on the first row of the stadium, right on the field. It was awesome. The players ran right by us. To bad they were only about 50 of us. Hey we cheered our little hearts out. We did not come away with a win, but it was such a neat experience for my whole family. We were able to hang out the whole week and we were able to top off the week with the game. Now the weather during the game was very interesting. As you will notice in the pictures all the different kinds of weather we had. It started off cloudy, then the sun poked through, during the 3rd quarter it started to rain, then a little hail, then full on SNOW!! Guess who had on no Rain Gear...ME!! I froze my royal rustifiring ninnies off. It was well worth it.....So much fun....I LOVE FOOTBALL!!!

This is me before the game started...Notice...Just a little cloudy.

Shelby, Angela, and Kylee before the game.
The whole gang...A nice guy from Eastern who was on the Field took the picture for us.
Rocky in #77 he was a captain for the game!!!
This is my nephew Josh and I....He is so cute
Rockafel watching the defense do their thing.
This is Rocky taking the Field after half time!!It is now raining and I am getting soaked. Jeff, Brooke, Branflakes, and I!!! Notice no rain gear, real brilliant on my part. Cute Angela....starting to freeze! Now it's snowing!!Poor Shelby..she couldn't get a fake smile going....Kylee did a little better...they were freezing. Now we have blizzard weather...well pretty close....Roc had to put a towel on his bald head. Not much visibility. Next to none the way I am still at the game. Freezing!!!
Notice after the game the snow stopped, what good timing. I love this picture of Rocky. He is such a stud.

Livin it up in Utah..Like old times!!

I just got back from Utah today. I had such a great time. I was able to see some old friends and hang out with my family. I am a little sad because I forgot to take some pictures of my friends. What was I thinking. I was able to drive around and see the places I used to live and remember old times. There were times when I would pass something that would trigger a memory and I would start laughing..I will bare you all the details because honestly it was probably only funny to me. The best highlights of my week were seeing my friends brooke, sunny and Martin. Of course I didn't take pictures of Sunny and her family or of Martin, I am a little sad...not sure why I didn't think of it. I will find some old ones and post them later. I met Sunny and Martin my last two years in Utah. I believe I was Sunny's VT and she became a really good friend of mine. I am very thankful for her friendship and am glad that we can still kick of after not seeing each other for about 2 years. By the way her little girl is so cute. Martin otherwise known has MP is one of my good guy friends...he is trying to get into dental school..I wish him luck, I am sure he will. My friend Brookie was the first girl I met in Utah when I moved their 10 years ago and we have remained best friends ever since. I love her to death!! We have literally been through everything together.

I actually met Sunny, Her husband James, Martin, Keola and his wife Asha for dinner at Sam Hawks( I think that is the name of it) in Provo. I hadn't seen most of them in 4 years so it was good to hang out and reminisce...I love all those guys and hopefully I will be able to see them more.

I stayed with my sister and my cousin..I had a blast with them. I love that they are all grown up and can hang with us, laugh with us and get absolutely no sleep with us. There are so many stories, but you had to be there or they won't make any sense. Lets just say we had a blast.

Brooke and I were able to get together quite a bit...she came to the game with me. This is her and I at her boyfriends house!! This is my uncle Doug and my sisters Angela and Kylee and my cousin shelby.

Me, Kylee, and Shelby before the game. My cousin Joey and his daughter Maylie after the game.
My uncle Doug and my Grandma riding a tandem bike...gotta love it.
Jeff (brookes boyfriend), brooke and me watching the Office.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Off to Utah!!!

So I am going to Utah today!! I am so excited to see some long lost friends!!! I haven't been there in 4 years!! I am going back to my old stomping grounds...I always hated it when my dad would say that, but there are no better words. My brother Rocky's team will be playing BYU so I am so stoked for that. All my cousins who live there are going to the game and some of our friends made the trip to Utah to cheer on Rocky. I would love it if they upset BYU....Hey you never know...It could happen.


Pneumonia..Not stopping #77

So I went to my brothers game....I know a big shocker!! He was very sick with Pneumonia!! I was a little worried about him. He had to do nebulizer treatments when he wasn't on the Field and he was also given an inhaler to help him breathe. He played very well and they won 35-14. It was a must win game. Hopefully the big lug will get some rest this week.

This is Rocky after the Game!!! Rocky, one of his coaches and some teammates. The guy right next to him..#24 went to Sumner high school!!
After they win a game the sing the schools fight song...Rocky is on the far left!!
This is us during half time. It was a beautiful day about 65 degrees!!! Much better than Sumner!! Then I had to return home to the crappy weather!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Eastern Football!!!

So on Saturday I made the trek to Eastern Washington for my brother Rocky's game. Of course I have plenty of stories for you. First off we realized that our seats were not together and of course there is one that is all by itself...not with in talking range of the other seats. So I took one for the team and sat there. Then I realized that I looked pathetic because I brought my own there I sat eating my treats from my purse all by myself. Then I finally got my brothers attention who was about 40 feet from me and I was trying to tell him that there we seats by me and to come and sit by me. Well I see him and his wife start laughing so I turn forward and the stinkin mascot's hand is in my I jump and then give him a high five. I turn back around to talk with my bro...using sign language...and they are still laughing. I then feel something on my shoulder and the mascot (swoop) is sitting next to me with his arm around me. A little awkward, I didn't know what to say so I just said hey...your fly is down!!! Everyone around me was laughing..I think I turned a little red. I am sure everyone thought I was fake talking with some imaginary friend in the I wouldn't look like the loser who goes to football games by herself. My sister-n-law came and sat by me for the 2nd half. At least someone loves me. Anyways my bro's team lost 21-28...first lost of the season. So they are now 3 and 1. Next weeks game is against there rival Montana...I am so excited!! Too bad it isn't on TV...I will be listening and going always.

This is the baby of the family Hunter and I before the game started!!! Just so you know my brothers can never make a nice face in a picture!!! This is Lindsay (my sister-n-law) and I during the game...having a little photo shoot. Apparently I can't make nice faces either!!!
This is the O-Line taking the Field for warm-ups. My brother is in the front, he is number 77, but he turned so you can only see the one 7...he is on the right side of the picture.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

An ugly childhood.....Laugh it up......I did!!

I thought everyone might need a good laugh today. I was going through my pictures and came across some school photos of me and some seriously bad hair cuts. I started laughing and remembered when my good friend YVN aka Evonne threw a surprise party at Red Robin for my birthday many moons ago and just by chance I had pictures of me when I was younger. So I went to my car and got them. Needless to say everyone laughed their heads off, why because I had an ugly childhood. If you think you had an ugly childhood, I bet mine was a little worse. I think all of these pictures are absolutely hilarious, but hey it's good to get the ugliness out of the way when you young, right?

This is my in Second Grade, when the ugly started, notice I have a fatty cold sore aka herpie on my lip and to make matters worse the front of my hair is permed and the back is straight, yep a mullet, a special one. I would like to point out my fashion sense, who has purple pearls? In the top two pictures I think my perm is growing I have a normal mullet, which I actually prefer. Trading cards anyone..notice how my hat sits on top of my out of control curly bangs! The bottom left just wanted to point out my hot flowered shorts with nylons and my wicker shoes.
Here I believe I kept the mullet going....I loved it, but notice how I accessorise with the big ole ball earrings. And can I say HELLO Teeth...good thing I grew into those.
I just want to know who perms their Bangs and nothing else?????????????

I hope you all had a good Laugh....I sure did!!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Chris Daughtry Baby!!

So Yesterday I went and rocked out at the Chris Daughtry Concert!! Frick Yae!! Can I just say he is a Fine Specimen of a Man! The Concert was at our State is one of the biggest state fairs in the US....Four times the size of the one in Utah...that should give you an idea of how big it is. I went with my sister Angela, and Nate's (Ang's Husband) sister Kristen. Kristen has never been to the Washington fair, so her and Angela went early to go on rides and stuff. I decided to meet up with them later. Lets say I had to park forever away and it was actually a hot day, this summer has had lame weather, so I speed walked because I didn't want to be late. I was a little early so I went to go and find my seat...Red faced and sweaty...quite attractive!! Of course there was a elderly couple sitting a couple seats they started talking to me because I am sure they thought I had no friends and came by myself. Then the guy asked me if I would like a bottle of water because I looked like I needed one, I looked flushed. You know...of course I said yes because I needed one. Anyways they were the nicest, I wished I would have taken a picture of them, they didn't look like they belonged there, but they were huge Chris Daughtry Fans. They totally voted for him on American Idol. When I told them I didn't vote they told me it was my fault he got sent home. I take full responsibility. Anyways the concert Rocked...I loved it and I have seen my fair share of concerts...Probably in my top 10.

Can we say my Rocker face looks Psycho......I need to work on that. Nice taffy in your mouth, Ang...
This is me, Kristin, and Angela right before the concert....Don't ask me what I am doing!! Angela and Kristin Rockin out!!!!!!!
This is obviously a shout of Chris on the big screen.....lovin him!!
This is a shot of the stage.....definetly not a good one!!!