Monday, October 22, 2007


The main reason I went to Utah was to see my brothers football team play against BYU. We had such a great time at the game. We were on the first row of the stadium, right on the field. It was awesome. The players ran right by us. To bad they were only about 50 of us. Hey we cheered our little hearts out. We did not come away with a win, but it was such a neat experience for my whole family. We were able to hang out the whole week and we were able to top off the week with the game. Now the weather during the game was very interesting. As you will notice in the pictures all the different kinds of weather we had. It started off cloudy, then the sun poked through, during the 3rd quarter it started to rain, then a little hail, then full on SNOW!! Guess who had on no Rain Gear...ME!! I froze my royal rustifiring ninnies off. It was well worth it.....So much fun....I LOVE FOOTBALL!!!

This is me before the game started...Notice...Just a little cloudy.

Shelby, Angela, and Kylee before the game.
The whole gang...A nice guy from Eastern who was on the Field took the picture for us.
Rocky in #77 he was a captain for the game!!!
This is my nephew Josh and I....He is so cute
Rockafel watching the defense do their thing.
This is Rocky taking the Field after half time!!It is now raining and I am getting soaked. Jeff, Brooke, Branflakes, and I!!! Notice no rain gear, real brilliant on my part. Cute Angela....starting to freeze! Now it's snowing!!Poor Shelby..she couldn't get a fake smile going....Kylee did a little better...they were freezing. Now we have blizzard weather...well pretty close....Roc had to put a towel on his bald head. Not much visibility. Next to none the way I am still at the game. Freezing!!!
Notice after the game the snow stopped, what good timing. I love this picture of Rocky. He is such a stud.

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Team Hanni said...

Good times!!!! Good wet, snowy, cold, times. Thanks for making the trip. We had a GREAT time. See you soon!