Monday, November 21, 2011

My Missionary.....

So this Amazing missionary, my brother, ran into a friend from home! So good to see him with a familiar face. I don't know the story or how they ended up together, but it is pretty cool. Jordan just got transferred, so I wonder if he is in his ward or what. Regardless fun to see his mug!! He is doing so Great on his Mission! Thanks Jeremy for posting this on Facebook!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

The things I do.....embarassasing...

So today in sacrament meeting I was sitting with my friend Dusty and her two kids. We were on the side of the chapel and there was a family behind us and one in front, well the kids can squeeze between the wall and the pew and venture off to other pews. Why they didn't them put them closer together, is beyond me. It would have saved me today!! So the little boy behind me ventures up to the pew in front of me and I can hear the mom and dad trying to get him to come back. This is all happening during the sacrament song. I ask the mom if she wants me to hand him to her, you know cuz I am so nice and I am all about helping the Momma's...Well I grab the kid and the mom in front points at the cup of goodies he had, so I hand it to her....then she says that's my kid......Yep you guessed it....not only did I grad the wrong kid, I also took away his vanilla wafers...needless to say when this happened their kid went back and we were all laughing so hard. I seriously was so red faced and I couldn't get it together for pretty much the whole meeting. The kid in front had an older brother about 3 years old and he pretty much gave me a death stare for the rest of the meeting and I could hear his mom saying she is a nice lady...Oh my Hannah...I am now known as the SACRAMENT BABY SNATCHER!!! So you all better watch out!!

In my defense they were both Blond!!!