Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Come Back...Come Back....Come Back

Some of my favorite people..cousins...just moved to Washington. I am still a little sad. Who knows when I will be getting back to Washington to see them. I will definitely miss our game nights. The millions of Barbies found in the guest bed downstairs (known as kimmi's room). Amy and Samantha opening up the door in the morning to see if I was really there.
The monster go away dance I would do for the girls when I put them to bed and they will only ever be the ones to see me do it. Going to movies with ya..and Brandon wearing his big coat with all the pockets and one that had a lunchable in it. He is out of control. We had so many good laughs..Maybe we could be pen people still do that. I love you and I miss you and COME BACK!!

Brandon and Amber ready for church.....oh wait I mean a Halloween party (Amber may kill me)

Bougs playing chubby bunny at my birthday party.

Little mantha...she would write me the sweetest notes...

Oh monster Amy..Dont' let that sweet smile fool you

I was Hallie's Favorite..I am not gonna lie

Monkey see Monkey do..this Hals copying the girls. So Hilarious!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

It is a Sad Day....

It is a sad day when you favorite pair of flip flops that you had for 8 plus years break at a rest area in Oregon, while traveling with your sister and kids to Washington. They sure thought it was funny. This post may be a little pathetic, but I love them. The wear and tear on them was ridiculous..I didn't care..I didn't care that there was paint on the toe. I really want to find another pair, but lets be honest..It ain't gonna happen. R.I.P. Flip Flops...ha ha!!

PS..I know I am pathetic!! Deal with it!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Calling...

I am no longer the CTR 4 teacher and when they released me I cried like a baby and couldn't get it together. It had been a bad weekend...and I couldn't control myself. I do love those kids. My new calling is the Nursery leader...this is not what you are all thinking. Nursery in this ward is a little different. I will not lie to you, but there are a total of 56 kids in can all get back up on your chairs!! There are 6 nurseries...I am in charge of it all. Two teachers per nursery, me and an assistant. I so far have only done it for on sunday and I felt as if I got a work out. Plenty of moving, helping, cleaning up and sitting in chairs talking with Joy( nursery leader asst., I just follow her around like a puppy), who by the way is a doll and was so darn helpful. I met with the old Nursery leader and it took both of us to carry everything back to my place..I am little over whelmed because there is a lot of stuff she does outside of Sundays!! A lot of organizing...I think I am pretty good at organizer...just don't go and look at my room right now...a bomb went off. Anyways wish me luck..Seriously..I got to shake these nerves!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Birthday fit for a PRINCESS...........

My Birthday was about a month ago..I am still recovering from the Shock of being the Big 33. Angela threw me a little party with some family and friends. Kyah picked out the cake..which would explain the princess theme and Gage gave me the best birthday present ever. Thanks to all who celebrated with me.

Princess cake...lovely isn't tasty!!
Me and Kyah with the cake. She was so excited to surprise me. She know me so well.
Gage will never let me spike his hair or do anything fun with it..but for my birthday he came down stairs with this awesome hair do..Thanks bud!!