Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Come Back...Come Back....Come Back

Some of my favorite people..cousins...just moved to Washington. I am still a little sad. Who knows when I will be getting back to Washington to see them. I will definitely miss our game nights. The millions of Barbies found in the guest bed downstairs (known as kimmi's room). Amy and Samantha opening up the door in the morning to see if I was really there.
The monster go away dance I would do for the girls when I put them to bed and they will only ever be the ones to see me do it. Going to movies with ya..and Brandon wearing his big coat with all the pockets and one that had a lunchable in it. He is out of control. We had so many good laughs..Maybe we could be pen people still do that. I love you and I miss you and COME BACK!!

Brandon and Amber ready for church.....oh wait I mean a Halloween party (Amber may kill me)

Bougs playing chubby bunny at my birthday party.

Little mantha...she would write me the sweetest notes...

Oh monster Amy..Dont' let that sweet smile fool you

I was Hallie's Favorite..I am not gonna lie

Monkey see Monkey do..this Hals copying the girls. So Hilarious!!


Brandon and Amber said...

What are you trying to do to me? Wrench the knife in my chest a little deeper? And yes, I am going to kill you for posting that picture. I know you all had a great laugh at it a year ago, but I thought we had buried that memory. I guess not.

I still love you and miss you everyday. Let's play a game!

Andrea and Terrance said...

I thought your title was going to be about me--just kidding. :) How's is nursery going--I'm sure you are amazing at it.