Monday, October 4, 2010

Photo Shoots.....

The Tracy's were in town and they asked me to take their photos. I absolutely love this family. I worked as the assistant stake camp director with the Janet for three years. I was so excited to do a quick shoot at the tabernacle. That way when we hit Los Hermanos we could just walk across the street (Tracy family favorite spot to eat in P-town)!! Thanks for letting me take your family pictures!!!

I love jumping pictures...they said they were too short to jump off the ground...they couldn't get any we opted for jumping off a ledge!!

This is Ang and her family. She was in need of a new family off we went to Neilsons grove in Orem. It was actually a great place to shoot, but it was extremely sunny..I think they turned out pretty good. They are a pretty photogenic bunch!!

This picture cracks me up...we apparently lost control of the kids..totally doing their own thing..Good thing Ang is always striking a pose!!

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Angie said...

Hey... look at those good looking people! Thanks again, Kimm! I don't know how I could live without you! XOXO