Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oh Brother....

This Dude showed up at my house Wednesday Morning!!! My 19 year old Brother Jordan. It was a huge surprise!!! I loved it!!

We played pinochle, Texas holdem, Settlers and some Yahtzee!! Pretty sure he lost every game.
This is a showdown between the Dude and the Beast...Texas Holdem got a little tense!! He also experienced In and Out Burger for the 1st time..Jordy Likes!! I was able to take him around Provo. We went by the MTC..which hopefully in the future he will be entering. Through BYU. He hiked the Y...I dropped him off what a loser..made him do it by himself!! (he hiked it during the day, not at night..you might think that because of the pictures below)
This is at the base of the hike to the Y..the sky looks awesome!!

Start of the hike..I actually dropped him off the next day.

He wanted a picture with the cougar...so there you go!!

The Stadium gates were open..so we went in. They were repainting the field for the homecoming game. It was pretty cool being in there. Last time I was there was when Rocky played against BYU!!

We had a great two days with my BRO...thanks for coming!!


Analee and Joe said...

What a fun surprise!! And I love the photo shoot pics!

Brian and Jenny said...

That is a fun surprise! Glad to know you can still whoop him at games. :) I'm glad you had a great visit. Too bad you didn't take him to the U though.....