Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So Call Me Grandma!!!!!!

As some of you know I am not a fan of the snow or a fan of driving in it. That has mainly to do with a major spin out Thanksgiving of 06. Of course I pick a great time to move to Idaho, right before winter hits and from what I am hearing it is the worst winter in 20 years. It just won't stop. The roads have been really bad, they don't take care of them like they do in Utah. So this is where the Grandma part comes in..I have noticed that I drive really slow 20 or below and my hands constantly at 10 and 2, sometimes they cramp. Lets just be honest no one drives at 10 and 2 these's just not cool. Good thing I only have to go a mile or 2 to work. I go the same way everyday, I know the ok spots in the road and then the not so ok spots in the road, I am pathetic. Oh and I totally got passed by a Grandpa the other day...what has gotten into me. I am ready for spring..or 35 degrees...I will take either one. You know it's sad when you are praying for weather in the 30's! I am ready for some warmth!!!

Run for the Prophet!!

This Saturday people allover the World are going to get off their bottoms and go running. Why you ask me? In honor of a man that was running his entire life; Our dear Beloved Prophet President Gordon B. Hinckley. The girls at are inviting you to help them run 97 miles, for the 97 wonderful years of the Prophets life. Please post something about this on your blog, or email it around so that we can reach our goal. We want everyone to at least get out and run a mile. Walk if you have to. Email all your experiences and pictures to:erin.anytimefitness@gmail.comPlease invite everyone you know that would like to honor our dear prophet!Thanks

Thank you erin for this wonderful idea. If you want to join please go to marathon

Monday, January 21, 2008

Big Bri got Married!!

My cousin Brian got married on January 4th in Utah. Jeff and I drove up to attend the luncheon and wedding. It was a big ole reunion, since I didn't go home for Christmas. He is actually the oldest of all the cousins on my dad's side. I guess it is a good thing he got married, but now that leaves me the oldest of all the cousins, suck...I used to always say well Brian's older and then they would leave me alone ( I am talking about Grandma, mainly..ah G-funk). Now I will have to come up with something else. His wife Jenny is really nice and cute as a button. I don't know her to well, but I am sure we will be BFF. The wedding was absolutely beautiful!!! Congratulations Brian and Jenny!!!!

This is me, Brian, and Jenny...I think I told her we would be BFF's!! Brian and Jenny right after they said I Do!!
The cake is awesome.. I heard it was either her brother or brother in law who made it...and it was his first wedding cake he ever did!!
Obviously the cousins Karen, Me, Tina, and Sarah had to get in a hot picture...2 out of the 4 our being one of them...totally kidding.

Their first dance as Brother and Sister Fuller. They are so cute!!

Very Very Late Christmas Blog!!

So for Christmas this year I was able to go to my brothers house. Which is about an hour away from Blackfoot. This was actually my first Christmas away from home. I believe it was the first white Christmas that I have ever had. I had a blast! I was there for about 5 days and wish I could have stayed longer. We played hide and seek I think just about every night. They have the best house for hide and seek. Christmas morning was the has been awhile since I have been with little kids and it's fun to see how excited they get. Of course they spoiled me. I even got my own stocking. They left Santa a piece of cheese cake and he ate it and left a note that said thanks. Josh thought that was pretty cool. I couldn't believe their kids didn't get up until 8 am...When I was a kid I was up at the crack of dawn. I did appreciate the sleeping in. Anyways...Thanks Jeff, Jana, Josh, Payton, and Grace for a great Christmas.

This is Payton is his new sled!!

Grace got a bunch of princess outfits. She was constantly changing. She is in love with the nutcracker and this is her dancing to it.
This is Josh by his new desk and he got some sweet roller blades.

Princess Grace with her crown, blinged out cell phone, and a pig that snorts..she loves pigs.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Rexburg Temple.....I Love temples!!!

So today I went with my branch to get a tour of the new Rexburg temple. It was amazing!! This is the third one I have been to. I went to the Seattle temple when I was little, don't even remember, and I went the Portland temple when I was about 13. You can just feel the spirit when you enter the temple. It is so beautiful, I can't wait until I can go to the temple and do some work. Wouldn't you know that I have to speak tomorrow on temples and wouldn't you know that I should be finishing my talk right now, but instead I am blogging. Such a procrastinator...seriously I never learn. I need some self discipline. By the way I will not be giving a shout out tomorrow, this branch doesn't know me as well as my last ward. I am off to get me talk done!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Not the Relief Society President....

....but I am the new 2nd counselor in the Relief Society Presidency. I guess that is what happens when you make friends with the RSP! I did thank her and then I might have mentioned that I would make her regret this. JK!! Of course I have a story to go along with them calling my name, never a dull moment. When they called my name I went to go stand up and my skirt was under my shoe needless to say that when I stood up my skirt went down. I don't think It went down too far, might have seen an inch or two, I honestly don't know, but I definitely flashed something. Of course I was sitting on the third row and there were about 10 rows behind me. I stood there trying not to laugh and I could tell everyone was staring at me. I go to a little branch were not too big..40 people come every week, but this week was special one of the other branches didn't have heat in there building so they came to church with us, so it was twice a big. I am glad I could welcome them all to our branch by giving them a little peep show. Then after sacrament I was asked to speak this week...Oh Joy..they finally got me. I guess the third time is a charm.

PS...If you have any good enrichment ideas let me know!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008