Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy 4th...a little late..

The 4th of July at my house in Washington...well..there is never a dull moment. The boys pretty much take over and we pray that the house is still standing, a car hasn't blown up, and there are no serious injuries (burns). I think T was the only one to walk away with about 2nd degree burns..that is what happens when you play firework games. I didn't even think people went to firework shows until I moved to Utah..I don't mind firework shows, but I think I would rather stay home and have my own show. I won't lie sometimes I get a little nervous..but everything ends up ok!!

Hunter and his girlfriend..did I just say he old enough!! He is the youngest, the older he gets the older I get..HELP!!!

TJ, Lindsay and baby Henry

Some of the girls...Linds, Me, Tasha, tripp, and Janelle..Nice face I have!!

TJ helping the babe with his first sparkler!! He actually did hold it..but it ended up on the ground!

Randy (cousin) he is the shortest and 4 of my brothers..getting ready to start the show...they were the first part of the show!! They are smiling now!!

This would be the boys all sitting in a circle throwing bees at each other and jumping flowers..the can't move..of course they could you not. We did have some serious good laughs at their expense..several went down shorts..TJ has proof, I am sure it will leave a nice scar..he always gets the worst of it..why is that?
Rocky and Janelle
Planning the big finale..6 tubes, 6 lighters.....SUCCESS!! Amazing that they got them all off at the same time..TWICE!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Baseball Stud!!

I am finally back in Utah!!! My first event was seeing one of Gage's baseball games. He loves his baseball and loves having as many fans as possible!! It was great fun!!

Ready for Action....

Tired of waiting for action...
Finally getting some action....what a stud!!
Running the bases...
Rounding third...heading home..looking at us to make sure we are hilarious!!