Monday, October 31, 2011


This beast of a huge, nasty, thick, piece of crap spider was IN MY ROOM.....ON MY CEILING!! Are you kidding me!! Here is my problem...I was waiting for the spawn of Satan to come down the wall so I could kill it, but this thing decided to crawl up my vent, so I of course shut it immediately, but now it is getting cold and I DO NOT want to open it!!! Maybe a cold cold winter for me!!! A little help please......

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

SEATTLE Mariners...

When in Washington you must go to a Mariners game!! They obviously aren't the best team in the league, but it is all about the experience, Right or the Garlic Fries!! Must have the Garlic Fries!!! We had a blast at the was fun to hang out with the family even though the Mariners lost!!! I love being was a beautiful day..perfect day for baseball!!! You can't go wrong!!

We hung around after the game and some of the workers gave Josh and Payton a baseball they found after batting practice, needless to say, they were excited!!

Josh and Payton with the ball!!

Finally after a long long year...I got to see my was so much fun..I miss them so much..
Part of our group...some were kicking it in left field!!! (better lookin ones)
Janelle and Coop!!
Me and Rana!
Our group...minus me...I am the photographer!!
Ang and Hunt cheering... I am not sure what they are cheering for...
Auntie Shawna and Hallie
Ky and Janelle
The girls...Amy, Samantha, Kyah, and Grace
Bougs and Jeff...