Wednesday, December 31, 2008


We had a cousin party at Brandon and Ambers. It was a lot of fun..Good Food and some serious Monopoly...The new debit card one. In two days we played 3 games. I won the last game we played!! All the cousins that were in town and could come did...We had could you not. Thanks Brandon and Amber for hosting it...

Scott, Angela, Ben, Brandon, Me and Dylan. This was our families off year for it was fun to see some of them. Scott and Brandon during a serious game of Monopoly!!

I was able to get together with some cousins I hadn't seen in awhile!! I did miss Sarah, Dan and the kids...It just snowed way too the time they made it to Utah I was already back in Idaho..Dang it.

Ben and I ...dude I need to make another face..this face totally eliminates the double chin..all the pictures below..have the same sorry!! Angie and I...She is married to Ben. I hadn't seen them in a year and a half. Trick aka Patrick. He is Angie's brother and my fourth cousin. I haven't seen him since 2003..since he was an awkward soul...wait he still it..but a funny one..totally kidding. Meredith is Married to Mike Angie's brother..haven't seen her since her!!


I spent Christmas with Angela's family. We got up a little after 8 to open presents...glad it wasn't too early. Gage actually set his alarm for 7:45 am, but the kid gets up earlier than that. I was sharing a room with him and had to go to the bathroom, so I tried to be quiet, cause I didn't want to wake him, but the second he heard me move he said MiMi we can't get up the alarm hasn't gone off. I told him we must have set it wrong cause it was 8:10. Actually....I may have turned it off when I went to bed..oops. Serves me right he set it the next day to make sure it about 7:45 the worse beeping sound ever..scarred the tar out of me. I went to go turn it off and Gage says..It Works!! Pretty sure I growled at him.

Angela showing off her new HOT apron!! Gage got a really cool work bench...he kept saying I have to work all day!!

Kyah got a new Kitchen set that talks to you...tells you what you are is pretty cool!!


I can not tell you how long it has been since I went sledding. I went on Christmas eve and day. I had a blast..even though I didn't have sledding attire. When I went with Angela's fam..I had to wear my street shoes with no traction..had a very hard time getting back up the hill..Ang does have a nice video. It was awful. The kids had fun..kyah's little laugh going down the hill was priceless. I also went with Ben and Ayzha (Asia)..and ben's in laws to Rock canyon park..that was fun. We made several trains then we had a full on dog pile..10 people or so going down at once..It was a blast and no one got hurt..Shocking.

Angela and I at the bottom of the hill...nice herps Ang...I am not the only one. Ang and Kyah...after a fun run..I love Kyah's peace sign.

Ben and I at Rock was so darn bright and it did get a little hot!! Ayzha and I (Ben's little chica)Me, Patrick, and Ben

Patrick Sportin his 70's snow suit...
This is Ben attempting to go down the hill standing up..he didn't even make it half way..I wish his wipe out was funnier!!

Kickin it at Kylee's

I left for Utah the Saturday before Christmas..I stayed and Kylee's for a few nights and had some good times....felt like I was 22 again. Good ole BYU housing...definitely don't miss that. We had a good ole time. Kylee had a little dinner party on Sunday, but her alfredo sauce..was awful..good thing everything else tasted good. Maybe next time Kylee. We kind of got snowed in on Monday, so I couldn't get to Angela's until Tuesday..I think they got like 8 inches of snow. So just kept coming down. We all know how much I love the snow. Lots of games were played and there were plenty of punches thrown. No one was seriously injured.

This is Kylee playing with her fake snow.....Nice Face. Me, Kylee, and Bri (ky's roommate) All of her other roommates had left for home. He whole complex was a ghost town.

Kylee and in a little texting war with eachothers phones...Naughty Girls!!

This is Kylee and our Cousin Ben beating the tar out of each other...I do not have a steady hand while filming...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

This would be my lame card this year...Sorry too lazy to send any out!! I wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas!! I hope Santa brings you everything you want!!!

Love you all!!

Your Favorite Fashion Icon...Sportin the Mullet and Herps....


Friday, December 19, 2008

Flashback Fridays...

It is Easter Sunday in 1985! Homemade dresses and the cutest flower headband you ever did see. Pretty sure it is covering up the mullet!! We both had them. I am such a beast compared to Angela..I am even doing the lean..and I am still head and a half taller than her, If I stood up straight I would be two heads taller than her. When are you going to grow dear sister!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Parties....

I do love a good Christmas Party!! Tis the season!! I have mentioned how much I love the Holiday season...Well last Thursday we had an enrichment Christmas dinner..that may end all Dinners...Andrea..(my partner in crime) and I made my Grandma's Chicken Cordon darn delicious..we also had baked potato, salad, rolls and a very yummy pumpkin trifle and grasshopper pie..I am sure we all gained a million pounds..but so worth it. It was a blast..we had about 15 girls come..had a lot of fun and to end the evening Amanda sang Breath of Heaven which was awesome!!

Andrea and I spent half of the day cooking..not kidding..i was glad she was willing to help me so I didn't have to do it on my own!! This is her putting the final touches on her jello..she bought peach jello instead of orange, but it worked and still tasted great!!Rachel (she did our center pieces) and Suzanne (washed all of our to love her for that) Anna, Mary, Kristin and Kalie..some more cuties in our branch!!

Then we had a Regional Progressive Dinner..which included all of the singles in Blackfoot. It was very interesting jumping from stake center to stake center..hey we did eventually get our food..hey when its free you can't complain!!

This is Bob and David...Their mad because they want to go and get their desert, but they have to hear the speaker first!!

Kalie, Andrea and me making my typical face!!
I have one more this week and hopefully it will end with a little dodge ball!!

PS..Thank you to Jeff, Jana, Angela, and Kylee for getting me those recipes..

Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving.....My favorite Holiday,,,

This year I spent Thanksgiving at my sister Angela's house, she hosted it for the first time and she did a Fabulous job. Thanks to Gage (nephew) he allowed me to be his roommate I ever had. Here is a crazy picture story board of my Thanksgiving trip...

Who needs toys when you have a box big enough for two...They are the cutest!!

I was able to visit an old friend of mine..I ran into Lisa at target in April and it had been about 10 years since I had seen her. Last time I saw her was at her wedding reception, she now has 3 kids and an OK husband...totally kidding Mike..We both lived at campus plaza (the projects) at the same time. It was great to sit and talk with her and look at old pictures..Thanks for Dinner!!I was able to crash at Brookes for a night. I've known Brooke for 11 crazy..glad we are still friends. Love her to death. Kyah and Gage thought it was Halloween..Pretty sure they wore them off and on the whole time I was there. I took up Racquetball while in Utah. My sister Kylee (blond) plays all the time and is pretty good. Angela and I went with her to play 3 times. I want to keep playing so I can get better. I actually went with the McNeels in my ward in Blackfoot on Thursday morning...hopefully I will be able to play I can improve my skills!! Wednesday night Jeff's family came so Angela could take family pictures and so they could run in the earn you turkey race. Grace and Kyah all snuggled up and ready for a sleepover too bad it didn't last too long, pretty sure they slept in different rooms...AW little girls!! This is the Nieces and Nephews before the big race. They all did Awesome!! Such little running studs!!Me and Cuz Shelby on Thanksgiving! Rachie, Jesse, Kylee and Shelby waiting to inhale some Thanksgiving day food!! Me and Cuz Rachie
Angela taking a well deserved rest after Thanksgiving..checking out the ads and planning her attack for Black Friday. It was very successful we were able to get everything she wanted. This is Gage and Jesse (Rachie's boy toy) playing bowling on the wii...Gage totally beat Jesse!! Ha Ha (it was Jesse's first time ever playing)
I was able to go and visit some of my girls from camp who are now graduated and some married. I absolutely love these girls and was so glad to check up on them!!
This is Mel she just got married on Oct. 31!! I was able to go and see her place and meet her husband..he is super nice..she couldn't have picked a better guy!! Congrats you Crazy love birds. This is Shaylin..she just graduated and her move to Utah was last minute..It was great to see her and her boy toy who totally looks like Tiger Woods!! This is Sharsti..she also just graduated and is going to BYU!! I was able to walk Gage to school in the morning and pick him up in the afternoon. Kyah would ride her bike along side of us..this would be a picture of her with her helmet on backwards..OK I put it on backwards..Kyah words to me "Silly MiMi" The to end the trip this precious little girl came!! My cousin Brandon and wife Amber had a beautiful Girl Hallie Noelle!! She is just a doll and her two older sisters just love her to death and so do I!! Glad I was able to see her!!


No Flashback Friday...the picture I was going to use was my bookmark in a book I was reading, Well I took it back to the library today and forgot the picture was in it...hopefully I will be able to recover it tomorrow....Am I the only lame one who does this kind of stuff!! Good Gravy!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Black Friday....Good Night

This past Friday I participated in my first Black Friday....I know shocking...I am not a big shopper and have to get up at the crack of dawn is not appealing to me. Angela needed to hit Toys-r-us and needed someone to help her to divide and conquer. So Kylee and I said we would go with her. At 4:30 am she woke me up and I asked her if I really needed to go and she said yes. For the Love. We get to Toys-r-us and the line is all the way past RC Willey in Orem and it is raining. Good thing I am from Washington and rain does not bother me. We were on the search for a kitchen set and eyeclops (it is a magnifying glass that you hook of to the TV and you can check out everything and anything. it looks pretty cool). Ang immediately finds the kitchen set and I am still looking for Eyeclops..took me 20 min and a few salesman who had no idea what it was and thought I was find it..there were only two left. Mission accomplished!! She stayed in line while I ran for her looking for other stuff, I even told the lady in front of her I would go get her stuff too, such a helper I am...I didn't see any fights..a little disappointed. Kylee didn't quite make it to Toys-r-us!! Then off to target for some games, movies, and clothes for Angela. Kylee finally met up with us. Target was a little crazy, but the lines were not as long as the previous store. Walmart last and final stop, we got there around 7:30-8:00. I was starting to hit my wall..I was so tired and the time we left I lasted about 4 1/2 hours. Pretty good for me. I usually complain when shopping with my sisters. I was impressed...I made it about 4 hours before the complaining started. Will I do another black Friday......who knows..the deal has to be worth it.

I wish I would have taken a picture of us...I looked did everyone else!! Ha Ha

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Flashback Fridays..

The year is 1982, the place is Spokane, Washington at some amusement park. Must have been one of those Hanni, Fuller, and Peterson vacations. I am the blond in the left corner with some red with white stripe daisy dukes on, my cousin Sarah aka Sssy poopy is below. I do love my sssy poopy..we actually lived together for a year at BYU before she took the plunge and got married. She now has four kids and she still has the same husband..who would have thought..totally kidding love ya DAN!! We had some serious good was one great year. She is still a blast to be around. I don't get to see her much as I would like too, but when I do she is a hoot. Man I miss ya Cuz...You were a great roommate, Cousin, and Friend. You threw me a great 20th birthday party, even though you woke me up at the crack of dawn and made me wear an ugly corsage to church all day. Your great and you are my number one fan...totally kidding I am yours. Love your guts!! PS...Remember when we had a garage sale for Cathy when she was out of town, or when we attacked her with whipping cream in the middle of the night, or when you would constantly sing or talk in your sleep, you would keep me up all night..good time, good times

PSS Remember when we told you neighbor that I was your cousin from Russia..she totally believed us..we are so mean!!

When was the last time you saw this.....

Gas below 2 bucks...Seems like it has been forever. It only cost me 27 bucks to fill up my car the other day...Wouldn't it be great if it got below a dollar!! I do remember when it was 79 cents at the am pm in sumner. Oh the good ole days!! Keep droppin.....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Photo Flashback..

I have been looking at pictures some from forever ago and decided that I would do a post about an old school photo every week..I think I will do it every Friday. So you will get two this week. Some of you are lucky, I only have about 1/4 of my pictures with me here in Idaho..I do have some incriminating photos of some of you. So to start it off..

This is one of my best friends, Monica. I met her 11 years ago..I can't believe it has been so long. I just love her to death. We actually just went about 3 years with out talking to each other..can't believe that either. She moved on me and I couldn't find her..I found her brother and was able to reconnect with her. She has a beautiful family and I miss her too death. There are so many memories with her..she actually came home with me for Christmas, my family still talks about it..she left her mark..that is for sure. All I can say is shopping cart and I am sure that just brought a smile and a little fear to her face and may I say Hit and Run, oops. Well Mon...I love you to pieces and appreciate your friendship more that you know. You have been such a positive influence in my life. Miss ya a ton and hope to see you soon!!

Boy do we look HOT and very young...Dude wears my Ring...JUSTIN!!! I may drop kick him next time I see him.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween and a little Ghostbusters!!

I actually went to a Halloween party on Halloween. Couldn't tell you the last time I dressed up. Probably when my sisters made me go as one of the power puff girls, I believe I was the mean one...go figure. We had the party in a shortage of barns here. I had the opportunity to shovel POO before everyone got there and I chased a bird out with a shovel...pretty good night. We had the best food, Andrea makes the worlds greatest Artichoke Spinach dip...I seriously could eat the whole pan. Then we watched Ghostbusters, I haven't seen that in years..still a good flick. Considering I watched it with my branch and there may be one or two questionable scenes..why do they always ruin a good movie with that junk. Anyways it was a good night. Hope you all had a good Halloween too!!

This would be Andrea, she came as an Ipod was stinkin hilarious. I taped smarties on my pants and was a smarty pants, we all know that is so far from the truth, but ya have to admit I go all out for Halloween and Amanda was a cute little princess!
This would be all the girls...What a HOT bunch. I do have a picture of all the boys, but lets face it they are all overrated.
PS...Angela and Jana.....HAY!!
PSS...who is the Hottie on the hay!! JK

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tagged....This is for you Kalie

I have been tagged by my BFF here goes...10 quirks about me...I don't have any..I am perfect!! Ha Ha!!

1. I dislike driving in the snow...I love to look at it, but why can't it just stay off the road.

2. I am not a fan of feet, I Hate not understand why some people feel it necessary to
put them on me knowing I hate them.

3. I am a huge sports fan..I love any and all sports. I am actually participating in my
first fantasy football league..started off great..not doing so great now.

4. I do not like to do my hair or makeup, but the older I get the more necessary it is..especially
the makeup..I am not 18 anymore. I need help in the
makeup department.

5. I love to joke around, play little harmless pranks..I am always up for a good laugh.

6. I live for my Sunday naps...I love them. Please do not call...I will not get up and
answer the phone. I do not waste anytime when I get home from church..quick bite..then hit
the sack.

7. When I get nervous I bite my nails. I have been doing it for years, especially during my
sports games ...An awful habit that I have gotten much better at, but notice myself doing
it the other day, just about died, thought I had out grown it.

8. I do not like the sound of brushing teeth..I must have the water running while I brush is especially worse when I can here someone else doing's like
nails on a chalkboard for me.

9. I can not eat a tomato if my life depended on it. I have tried and tried and I still gag like
you wouldn't believe. For some reason..I have no problem eating salsa, I do avoid the
tomatoes..I can spot them a mile away..I just like the juice.

10. I actually like to cook, but it is even better if I have someone to cook for, I tend to get
more creative. When it is just me I cook the basics!!

Well Kalie, I hope you are satisfied...I tag whoever wants to do it.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Back to the Mother Land..

By the way I have just posted about 7 blogs that I should have posted forever ago..oh well. Jeff and I last weekend drove to Washington to see my brothers football game. I was only there for 2 1/2 days. It was busy. I spent most of my time bouncing from house to house visiting everyone. There were quite a few people I didn't get a chance to visit..maybe next time my trip will be a little longer. I miss it there...especially knowing that snow is in my future..I dislike it immensely. Lindsay my sister-n-law is prego and it was good to see her cute baby bump. I wish I would have taken a picture and I saw their new is so cute. We went to Jordan's game..I believe it was the worse game for Sumner High ever. It was good to see him play. The only highlight for them was the blocked PAT kick that Jordan had. I won't even tell you the is embarrassing. It rained the whole game..I miss the rain...Good Ole Washington..Never disappoints.

Jordan is number 24, he was one of the captains for that game. He plays safety and defensive back. We stopped in Spokane on the way there and back and stayed the night at Rocky's. It helped to break the trip up. We went out to eat and we all crammed in Janelle's 2 door car. Rocky and Jeff volunteered to sit in the back. Rocky can't even sit straight up. Pretty funny!!
Jeff looks hot in my sunglasses....What a tard!! Driving with Jeff is quite the experience, I got punched in the nose, I was scarred on a regular basis and I found out that he is the dancing queen. I also realized that I like to take pointless pictures of myself in the car...there are like 20..I will spare you.
All in All a good Trip!!