Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Photo Flashback..

I have been looking at pictures some from forever ago and decided that I would do a post about an old school photo every week..I think I will do it every Friday. So you will get two this week. Some of you are lucky, I only have about 1/4 of my pictures with me here in Idaho..I do have some incriminating photos of some of you. So to start it off..

This is one of my best friends, Monica. I met her 11 years ago..I can't believe it has been so long. I just love her to death. We actually just went about 3 years with out talking to each other..can't believe that either. She moved on me and I couldn't find her..I found her brother and was able to reconnect with her. She has a beautiful family and I miss her too death. There are so many memories with her..she actually came home with me for Christmas, my family still talks about it..she left her mark..that is for sure. All I can say is shopping cart and I am sure that just brought a smile and a little fear to her face and may I say Hit and Run, oops. Well Mon...I love you to pieces and appreciate your friendship more that you know. You have been such a positive influence in my life. Miss ya a ton and hope to see you soon!!

Boy do we look HOT and very young...Dude wears my Ring...JUSTIN!!! I may drop kick him next time I see him.


lisa said...

I went through some of my college days photos a while back. I found a few of us swimming in the CP pool. Not sure if I want to post those for everyone to see . . . I'm excited for all of your flashback Fridays! Can't wait to see what you've got!
BTW you look hot! :)

lisa said...

I like how you were trying to put the blame on me. "Following everything you did?!" :)
I believe the whole swimming thing was your idea...OR maybe it was Shannon's. Let's blame all of our craziness on her. :)

Monica said...

AHHHH! What is that??! Where is the washing clothes at Ken's house pic?! You know the one where it looks like I wet my pants! LOL! I love you Kimm!!!

Monica said...

And as for the ring my brother probably gave to some stupid girl... when YOU come to Hawaii with me I'll get you a new one that fits and that doesn't have to make its transit through Justin!

Oh we've had a BLAST! You're the best Kimm!!! I miss you tons!

Anonymous said...

What a great picture--you do look young and hot!!