Thursday, December 20, 2007

Feliz Navidad!!

Welcome to Blackfoot!! Home of the Potatoes! I am pretty sure this is the Largest potato ever!! I am getting ready to take off to Jeff and Jana's for Christmas. First one away from home and I am ready to party it up. Jana you better get ready to go caroling and you must fulfill your triple double dog dare while I am there. Anyways..I just want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy Happy New Year. I love you and miss you all!!

PS..pretty sure I am fluent in spanish and I can't spell Feliz Navidad!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Last one for the Big Guy!! love ya #77!!

I know this one is a month past due too...hey I am Slow!! Jeff's state game was on Friday and Rocky's last home game of the season was on Saturday and they were only a little over an hour away from each other...we got really lucky. So most of the family were at the games. We were able to walk out onto the field with Rocky as they called his name for the last time. My whole family walked out including an aunt and uncle. It was quite the parade. Then it poured on us during the whole first half of the game. What a way to go out. I started the season out with rain..might as well end it with rain. I have enjoyed being able to go and see my brother play for the last 4 years. All the late night driving, cheering and hot dogs are going to be missed very much. I am very sad to see it all end. There were so many fun times at those games and even more fun times at Rocky's house eating pizza after the games. Thanks Rocky for sharing this with me!! I love you very much!!

This is part of the gang waiting to walk out onto the field!!

My nephews Josh and Payton and my brother Hunter!!

My Dad and Rocky walking onto the Field..the rest followed!! This is Rocky right before we walked out!!
I don't have the worlds nicest camera, but this is Rocky on the Offensive line..#77!!

Jana and Grace getting poured on..good think for Ponchos!! This is Rocky and I after the game. I had one of us on the field..but i look gross. This one is much better!!
By the way Rocky's team went to playoffs. The were ranked #16 and they played the #2 team and they beat them. Then they lost in the 2nd round to Appalachian state!!

Idaho State Champs!!

I totally know this happened a month ago, but I am little bit behind on blogging. Jeff's football team won 2A state championship in Idaho. It was such a fun game..obviously because we won. Most of my family was there, which made it even more fun. Plus Jana (Jeff's wife) the kids and I were able to travel together to the game and 8 hour fun for Jana!! I was the car abc game CHAMPION!! Anyways, congrats to my bro and his team.

This is TJ's back..they were printing shirts for you right at the game!!

The Family going nuts after a huge score!!

Jeff and the other Coaches!!

All the brothers except for Rocky..what can I say they are Hanni's!!

Grace, Angela, Me and Jana after was a celebration picture!!

This is the whole gang after the game...gotta love your family!! I don't think we have one normal picture...My sister in law Jana has been living with my brother for too long!!