Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Road Trip..

A few weeks ago I flew home to Washington so I could drive back with my cousin. I ended up going a few days early to attempt to help remodel my mom's Kitchen (pictures to come later) and well to see the fam. Baby Henry..not such a baby anymore..he is absolutely adorable and was starting to walk when I was there. Jordy had his wisdom teeth out..too bad I didn't take any pictures of his fat swollen face. It was fun to see the whole fam and play games and just hang out. Angie and I drove her car back to Utah..thank goodness the roads were clear the whole way. We were able to see some cousin's and babies.. We stopped in Portland and did a session at the temple..then headed to Boise to stay the night. Didn't think that we would need a reservation cause it is February in Boise..What do you know..The state basketball tourney was going on..for the love. Thankfully we were able to find a marriot that had openings. There was some serious singing in the car..I do have video's...but it was night time so you can't see anything all you can do is just hear our beautiful voices..maybe I will post em later...if you're lucky. I just hate waiting for Video's to upload. It was a fun trip..maybe we should do it again..Angie..

Jordan icing his poor little face..He looks drugged up..wait he is.

Baby Henry peaking around T's legs!!!
Oh Henry!

Tina's babe was so great to stop and see Tina and the newest addition to our growing family!

Tina and Alyssa!
Me and Titon (Brian and Jenny's babe)

Portland Temple...

This is us right after the session...Hello fat zit on my chin..

Shoshone Falls...some scenery along the way!!