Monday, December 14, 2009

Dancing Princesses...

Amy, Samantha (cousins kid, I call them my nieces), and Kyah (niece) had their first dance recital...they were so darn cute. It was a lot of fun to go to their practices and watch them. I think they had more fun...cause they were in the same class!! Good Job Girls!!!

Amy (Black leotard) was so entertaining when they performed!! Kyah (middle) Hello attitude...must get it from her mom! Samantha (Right) is all about perfection..look at her form!
PS..hopefully their moms will post some videos and more pictures soon! I stole this from Amber...shh don't tell!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Black Friday!!

Black Friday has come and gone...and I survived!! For the 2nd year in a row I was Angela's wingman. If you are doing black Friday you must have a wingman, not go alone. It is a must and while waiting in line, make Line buddies...makes time go faster..just a couple of tips for you!!
We stopped at 4 stores starting with kohls...never really shopped there, but Angela and I both had coupons and it opened at 4 am. The only place I saw a little disagreement,she was down right rude, right in front of afraid I would have to break up a fight..or just let them go at it cause it was 4 in the morning.
Then we were off to Walmart..ugh...we went to Lindon to avoid, Orem. We ended up getting a spot right away in the back corner of Walmart..we got there a little after 5 am. It was cold as we were trying to reach doors..a guy in the garden center let us in through the gate..thank goodness. Then there was a cart right there. Once inside we broke off...I went for GPS for Jana (got it) then off to find a vacuum which were in the worse spot...right by the front doors in the produce section. I made my way and got one. I find Angela..WHAT..she wants the pink one. Who makes pink vacuums. So we go back I have to put it above my head, there were no pink ones I go over to the dirt devils and what do you know a pink Eureka sits on the floor..I pick it up and put it over my head and make my way back. We decided to get in line by the garden center..bad choice. Angela shopped while I waited..good thing we got in that line cause she found the toy gage had wanted in the isle's. We eventually went to the front of the store, the line was much faster. Note to not get in the garden center line.

Then off to Target for some movies and gone..movies gone...took cuts in line with out even realizing it, when I realized I didn't care. Deal with it. Last store, K-mart for a toy we didn't get at Kohls (Kohls toy section not so good) I hopped in line immediately and Angela shopped..she got the toy.

I must give props to Kohls and K-mart for their organization of lines...unlike Walmart..don't think you could organize that chaos.

I couldn't sleep the night before, shocker! Did you know that Friends is on at 2 am. I didn't really sleep when we got back, maybe an hour or two...lets just say by the time I got home on Friday at midnight, I realized my 32 year old body does not quite recover like my 22 year old body would...took me feel normal again.

Angela on our way to Kohls!!

Us in line at Kohls.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Thanksgiving was great this year....Great Food..that is all that matters right. I am so thankful that we had Thanksgiving at my sisters house and that she let us all take over. Jana and her kids came, Jesse, Rachel, Shelby, and John came. Some of Nates family was there. I was also thankful that I got to talk with my brother Jeff, who is in basic training, he sounded great. It was good to hear his voice. He had a great Thanksgiving filled with lamb, shrimp, turkey, prime rib and many more excellent foods. They do not mess around in the army. We had a great onto Christmas!!! I love this time of season!!

The Hanni side of the family!!

Cooper..representing the seahawks...he is so cute!!

Jesse and Jesse's name tag.
John and Shelby
Angela, Jana and the little guy
Shelby has had enough..time to play fat dog!!
Me and Jana at the kids table..nice face I have..
Gage loves his pumpkin pie. The next day he wanted it for breakfast and lunch...didn't happen!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Brother....

If you look to the left...Yes..that is him my brother Jeff staring right at the camera. He looks great in all his gear at basic training. He is learning about land navigation!! So great to see a picture of him!! I called Jana and said they just posted a picture and I am pretty sure it is Jeff. She hopped on the computer and said it has to be him look at his ears. Of course we called everyone to see what they thought..all agreed it was Jeff. Jana talked with Jeff today and he said he remembered there being a camera...she was excited as was I!!! I am proud of you Jeff!

PS Jeff is wearing goggles..his eye sight was a little worse than what he thought!!

PSS..Keep Jeff in your prayers he has a big test on Tuesday and Wednesday that he has to pass to graduate!! Thanks!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Joke of the Day!!!

Gage told me the greatest Joke today...

What do you do when a lion charges...

Take away his credit cards!!

I thought it was hilarious!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I am Getting Old...

You know you're getting old when your very first Young Woman is pregnant with her first child. Good Gravy. Several of them have gotten married and now the babies will start coming!! Good Night! My girl Mel aka Felani Melani is expecting her first baby boy in December Braxton Spencer Boudreaux. I am so excited for her. Her baby shower was last weekend, BYU's homecoming weekend, she is in her Jersey ready for the game. It was nice to see her, her mom and some of my other YCL'S. Congrats!!!

Kelani, me, prego Mel, Sharsti (getting married in February) and Shannie (she just got married).

Sunday, October 18, 2009

He is in the Army Now

Well my brother Jeff has joined the army and he leaves for basic training on Tuesday!! He will be in South Carolina for 12 weeks (I think) or maybe it is 9. I should really pay attention. On Saturday we all met for a farewell lunch at Red Robin (bottomless fries). It was fun to see him before he takes off.

For those who don't know, my bro, has been teaching band and choir for the last 6 years in Terreton, ID. It was time for a change so he audition, tried out for the Army band playing his trombone. He obviously made it...who knew being a band nerd would pay off. Being in the Army band gives not only him, but his family lots of opportunities. After basic training, he goes to Virginia for 6 months for band training and then next summer the whole family will be moving to Alabama for at least 3 years. Pretty sure it is an hour away from Florida beaches and Disney world is only 4-5 hours away...I will be visiting!!!

Anyways, I am so proud of you Jeff. I will miss you and love you very much!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Weddings, Weddings, and more Weddings

This Summer was filled with 4 weddings. My brother, sister, and two cousins all got married with in 5 weeks. 3 of them took place in Washington in a two week period and the last one was in Utah. Needless to say I am wedding out....

My brother Rocky and Janelle got married on July 25th. The wedding was at High Cedars Gold Course with a great view of Mt. Rainier. It was hot hot hot and I was sweatin like a beast!! We danced all night, well I made it to about 10:30 pm, then i was out of there. I am old!!! It was a blast!!

Rocky and Janelle cutting the cake!!! There so cute!!!

Rocky and I..can you tell it is the end of the night...he no longer has a tux on!!
My brother brad dancing with my niece Grace. Her and my other niece Kyah could not get enough dancing!!
Angela, Kylee and Me on the dance floor!!
Kyah and Grace were flower girls..they were so darn adorable!!

My Cousin Chrystal and Graham got married on August 7th at the Snoqualmie Ridge Golf Course. It was absolutely beautiful there..the view was awesome. For the entertainment they had dueling piano's..It was the coolest thing I had ever seen. Two people, two pianos and they could play any song..They were very talented.

Me, My cuz Chrystal and her new husband Graham.
Me, my cousin Mikie (Chrystal's bro) and his wife Nicole!!
This is the view from the wedding. That would be the 18th hole!

My sister Kylee and Mark got married on August 8th (day after Chrystal) in the Seattle Temple. Needless to say I was a very tired girl. It was fun and it was not hot at all..Thank goodness!!

This would be my crazy family!! I love this picture!! Can you find my brother Brad?? Payton you are hilarious!!
Kylee and Mark...This picture totally capture Kylee's fun personality!!
All the sisters...Were a little nuts!!
All the nieces and nephews...they are so cute.

My cuz Rachel and Jesse were married on August 29th in the Mount Timpanogos Temple. It was the last wedding..I was very excited. It was so fun to hang out with the family that traveled to Utah for the wedding.

Rachel and Jesse!!!
Kylee,Newly adopted Auntie Patty (my Auntie Carol Marie's sister) Me and Angela. We love our Auntie Patty!!
My Uncle Dale bustin a move. I believe he was doing the sprinkler. Yes..Dale was Dancing!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mariners Birthday Party...

I went home for about a month for 3 weddings. While I was in Washington I had my birthday.
My cuz planned a mariners game for the whole family there was about 50 of us. It happened to fall on my it was my birthday party even though that is not exactly why it was planned!!
Anyways he are some fun pics from the game. Too bad they lost, but nothing beats a game at Safeco Field!!!

So we got there an hour early so we could try to get a ball during batting practice. My brothers, T and Brad and I were in left field. I will not lie...a ball was hit and was coming right at my head and I started to panic, I was saying Brad, Brad, Brad..he wasn't paying attention, so he couldn't find the ball. it soars I jumped (I do not have hops) put my hand in the air and could feel it go right over my hand. The darn guy behind me got the ball..but it was the most exciting second ever. If only could have gotten a ball..that would have made my Birthday!!

Grace, Payton, and Me. Totally Rocked the Birthday Glasses!!
Ken Griffey Jr. up to bat...totally love was great to see him in a Mariners Uniform!!

My Nephew Cooper having a good ole time!!!

My Cuz Brandon, me, Cuz Chrystal, her husband Grahm, my Cuz Mikie, his wife Nicole.
Safeco Field makes the best Garlic Fries, known as Rally Fries, if you make a sign you may get some for free. This was my moms attempt to get free fries...too bad it didn't work!! We all still ate some Garlic Fries and smelled for days!!
Kylee, Tina, and Uncle Doug
My cute Nieces Kyah and Grace
Brandon and Amy

Monday, July 6, 2009

Barbecue, Fireworks, and a litte Wiffle Ball...

"The 4th of July, Makes me want a Hot Dog Real Bad"

Of course I enjoyed a good hot dot, Hamburger and some Lemon Pepper Chicken. I did not eat that all in the same day...Luckily for me I was able to celebrate it on Friday with all of our family who lives in Utah and those who were visiting Utah. Friday we barbecued and played a little wiffle ball and got wet in the process. Second base was a pool..which most of us bit it once or twice when we jumped in and home plate was a slip-n-slide. You can not go wrong there...So much blasted fun. Brandon hit a grand slam so Mark, Me, Amber and Brandon all hit the slip-n-slide in a matter of minutes..I was soaked!!!

Then on Saturday I went to another barbecue with the Peterson's and Erin's Parents. Lance is a master at the grill....excellent hamburgers. Of course we had another round of wiffle ball..not water this time and my team got killed. For the Love!! Then we lit fireworks off and then watched stadium of fire. Of course we ended the night with some games.

This is most of us after our wild game of wiffle ball!
PS..lucky for you my batteries died, so this is the only picture you get!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rainier 2 Ruston...

This last weekend Jeff, Ang, Kylee and I drove to Washington for the Rainier to Ruston Relay. It is about a 50 mile relay race. This is the 4th year Ang, Brad and Ky have participated, the 2nd for Hunter and Linds and the first for me and Jeff. Well I wasn't supposed to do it, but Kylee had her wisdom teeth pulled and wasn't feeling up to par. I picked up leg 6 which Kylee surprised us all and came to do it with me. Jeff ran three legs instead of two. I believe he ran a total of 14.5 miles that day. I am glad they let me participate even though I slowed them way up. Sorry about that guys.

Each leg is different and has it own obstacles, but most of them are absolutely are running through the great Northwest the first half of the race. You wanna bond with your family spend eight hours running a race with them. We were obviously the coolest team there. We would find spots half way through each leg to cheer our runner on. We were the only group that did that!! Good thing we found a spot on Angela's last leg she thought she was lost..I am sure she will tell you all about that in her blog.

Highlights of the trip, Angela falling head first into the van..Lindsay almost in Jeff's lap when she saw a spider, Hunter and Brad passing a million other racers..those racers then passing me..oops!! Jana and Lisa (friends from Sumner) coming to cheer us on. Jeff flashing us as he ran under the bridge, Ang crawling under railroad tracks to get back on the path. Good times...Good times...

I know there are a million pictures, I just could decided..I left a million out

This is all of us at the start of leg one...Jeff would be the one running it..I need to remember to always where makeup...I look so darn tired and pasty!! Jeff is obsessed with his number being straight..not sure why!!

Half way through leg one they run under a bridge, we got out to wait for Jeff, while waiting Brad went under the bridge to get rocks so we could throw them over into the water. Ang did not appreciate brad doing this it scared her...

Brad coming up from under the bridge..

Brad and I throwing rocks over the bridge..

This is what Jeff ran through and the river we were throwing the rocks into...

Ang jumped in the van in a hurry and this is what happened...

Lindsay (sister-n-law) running her first leg..she tore it up...
Hunter on his first leg, he is just about to pass a guy..he did..he was a little put it into his words..I am in the best shape of my life..he is 14..he better be.

Brad had the best obstacle a hurdle..well he turned it into a hurdle...I am sure he was the only one to jump it...

Ang tearing it up...

Ang passing it on to me and Ky..the only pic I have of is not the best..

Jeff after his last leg passing it on to brad who then had to run 3.2 miles on sand..he did not appreciate it..

Right after Ang thought she was lost..we are actually in Tacoma under the I-5 bridge..

Ang passing it on to Hunter for the very last leg...

Hunter finishing strong..

Linds, Me and Ang at the finish..

All of us under the last bell..Ma and Pa followed us for most of it!!

We finished with the time of 8:03!!! That is a personal best for everyone!!