Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mariners Birthday Party...

I went home for about a month for 3 weddings. While I was in Washington I had my birthday.
My cuz planned a mariners game for the whole family there was about 50 of us. It happened to fall on my it was my birthday party even though that is not exactly why it was planned!!
Anyways he are some fun pics from the game. Too bad they lost, but nothing beats a game at Safeco Field!!!

So we got there an hour early so we could try to get a ball during batting practice. My brothers, T and Brad and I were in left field. I will not lie...a ball was hit and was coming right at my head and I started to panic, I was saying Brad, Brad, Brad..he wasn't paying attention, so he couldn't find the ball. it soars I jumped (I do not have hops) put my hand in the air and could feel it go right over my hand. The darn guy behind me got the ball..but it was the most exciting second ever. If only could have gotten a ball..that would have made my Birthday!!

Grace, Payton, and Me. Totally Rocked the Birthday Glasses!!
Ken Griffey Jr. up to bat...totally love was great to see him in a Mariners Uniform!!

My Nephew Cooper having a good ole time!!!

My Cuz Brandon, me, Cuz Chrystal, her husband Grahm, my Cuz Mikie, his wife Nicole.
Safeco Field makes the best Garlic Fries, known as Rally Fries, if you make a sign you may get some for free. This was my moms attempt to get free fries...too bad it didn't work!! We all still ate some Garlic Fries and smelled for days!!
Kylee, Tina, and Uncle Doug
My cute Nieces Kyah and Grace
Brandon and Amy


Wendy said...

Love the birthday glasses - you totally know how to rock them!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

So fun.. Happy Late birthday!!