Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bumper Boats....

While T and Linds were here we went to Liberty Land (not sure I would recommend it). Pretty sure we went on the hottest day and of course their air conditioning broke and none of the video games were usable. The last thing we did was the bumper boats, to cool us off. Gage actually controlled his own boat and did a pretty darn good job. I think his favorite part was spraying everyone. We also went and did laser tag. T and Gage versus me and Ang. It was hilarious and hot. Gage was pretty sneaky and he loved it.

T and Henry..he lasted 2 seconds..then he came and hung with me!!

Gage was awesome..he was going after everyone.
Angela and Kyah...she loved it.

Oh T..pretty sure Gage just got him wet.

Angela and Linds teaming up..battling the boys

T after Linds

Ang to the rescue..T caught in the Cross fire.

Gage actually had the nerve to come after me and Henry..he succeeded with a shot straight the the actually felt quite good.