Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!!

Well I am pretty much Aunt of the Year!!! I pretty much gave myself that award. While Babysitting the kids Kyah reminded me that Earth day was yesterday I got a little domesticated. I first baked a cake...while taking it out of the was a brownie mix. I was thinking I could just use that instead. NO....apparently they do not come out of the pan that easily. So I had to make another cake..this time I made sure it was a cake. Then I made the home made frosting...who knew I had that in me. Kyah and I ransacked Angela's cupboards and found some green Easter bunny gumdrops and some gummy bears. We also put gummy worms in the middle of the cake...pretty creative if you ask me. It does look a little is my first world cake, really I don't ever try to do cute cakes. It was fun doing it with the kiddos!!! I hope you all have a Great Earth Day!! Kyah and Gage!!

PS....this morning after breakfast Kyah asked if we could start celebrating Earth eating the cake..I said how about after lunch..don't want to start the sugar high too soon!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

He is finally home...

Jeff is home and ready to pack up the family and make the move to Alabama. He has been gone for the last 6 months at basic training and then at AIT training in Virginia. He came home Friday night and I was so glad to be there. It is all over...the family will not have to be separated for awhile...time has flown for me...not too sure how fast it went for Jana and the kids. The kids actually had no idea that Jeff was coming home..he showed up and surprised them the next day. Thank goodness we were able to go to Logan the next day to see him cause who knows when we will see him again!! Glad you are home Reffy!!

Our first sighting of Jeff!
Reff and Rana
Me and Reff...too bad his eyes are closed!!

Kylee was a bit emotional..she kept blaming it on the pregnancy. Pretty sure she will kill me for this. Oh well..

The boy scouts in his ward aligned the street with was pretty cool. This is the family!! Can you tell the Payton is done with pictures..
Gracie showing me how she can ride a two wheeler..

Baby Henry and Cooper are about 5 months apart...aren't they the cutest babes ever!!

Baby Henry comes for a visit

Kylee, Lindsay and Baby Henry came for a visit. I do not have pictures of Kylee or Linds..but I have a few of my baby. Henry is the cutest kid ever. Such a fun personality..he reminds me of TJ (my bro, his dad). I had loads of fun with him while he was here.

Gage has a slide on his bed and this is Kyah and Henry going down the slide.

Henry playing with the cool walkie talkies...he liked chillin in Gage's bed! Bubbles need I say more..

He kept putting on Kyah's bike helmet..funny guy!!

A visit from Mel aka Daddy-O

Mel my dad..came into town in March for a visit...We had loads of fun!! We hung out, went to movies, hiked the Y,well I attempted to hike the Y my dad made it to the top, went minature golfing with Jana and the kids and ate Cafe Rio!!

Melvin on his way down!! Just a little scenery...this was the one day it was really nice in March!!
Here I am dying trying to make it to the day!!

My dad sitting with all the kiddos!!


Angela and P Racing

P, J, and G minature golfing

G and K striking a pose....they are adorable.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools..

You know it is a sad day when you are playing tricks on a six year old and you think you are stinkin hilarious!!! Gage is all about playing tricks on people...Everything is April Fools!!! So I thought it necessary to play a few harmless tricks on him. Gage will come home to a pillow that has cling wrap all over it...and his other pillow has crinkled paper in it (Ang did that one) and his favorite blankets are hanging from a door way and the closet. It is even sadder that we were laughing while we were doing it.
Happy April Fools Day Little Buddy!!