Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools..

You know it is a sad day when you are playing tricks on a six year old and you think you are stinkin hilarious!!! Gage is all about playing tricks on people...Everything is April Fools!!! So I thought it necessary to play a few harmless tricks on him. Gage will come home to a pillow that has cling wrap all over it...and his other pillow has crinkled paper in it (Ang did that one) and his favorite blankets are hanging from a door way and the closet. It is even sadder that we were laughing while we were doing it.
Happy April Fools Day Little Buddy!!

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amy wudel said...

I have two six year olds and I never play any tricks on them because they so do not understand jokes. I need Gage to come over to my house to get them to lighten up a bit. They did try to play a trick on me though, they told me "Hey mom there is a spider on your head." I know....never heard that one before. :)