Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!!

Well I am pretty much Aunt of the Year!!! I pretty much gave myself that award. While Babysitting the kids Kyah reminded me that Earth day was yesterday I got a little domesticated. I first baked a cake...while taking it out of the was a brownie mix. I was thinking I could just use that instead. NO....apparently they do not come out of the pan that easily. So I had to make another cake..this time I made sure it was a cake. Then I made the home made frosting...who knew I had that in me. Kyah and I ransacked Angela's cupboards and found some green Easter bunny gumdrops and some gummy bears. We also put gummy worms in the middle of the cake...pretty creative if you ask me. It does look a little is my first world cake, really I don't ever try to do cute cakes. It was fun doing it with the kiddos!!! I hope you all have a Great Earth Day!! Kyah and Gage!!

PS....this morning after breakfast Kyah asked if we could start celebrating Earth eating the cake..I said how about after lunch..don't want to start the sugar high too soon!!


T-Lo said...

Awww! Go Auntie Shimm. They sure do love you.

Lisa Danielson said...

you are aunt of the year!! how's it going?? hope to see you soon!

Monica said...

Geez girl only you can pull that off with leftover gumdrops and gummy bears. You're more like the mcgyver aunt!

Where the heck do you live?! Are you in Utah? If you are I am so gonna be ticked.