Saturday, May 15, 2010

This is what you get when you Skype...

My bro Jeff and his family in Alabama skyping with us in Washington....nothing like a fun family photo!! It is so fun skype...gotta love the Internet. You gotta love them..especially Coop and his new hot goggles!!!


Brandon said...

Love the goggles! Miss you Kimmi. We played pinochle like 3 times this week when Carol and Tina were here. Where is my gaming buddy???

P.S. This is Amber

Team Hanni said...


Skype us soon!

Lots of love from Alabama

amy wudel said...

Skype really is great. But I am also very sure I do not want any pictures of me on while I am on skype. I think your brother's fam looks great...I do not think I would do as well.

And by the way if you do ever come to Arizona, you MUST visit me, hello! We need a piece of the best aunt ever!