Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Brother the Curler...

Apparently my Brother Brad has taken up curling, so while I was in Washington I was able to go and see one of his matches! It was a little more entertaining than i thought! This was his first year doing it. He joined the curling club and got placed on a team with an Asian couple and this older guy...It was pretty funny!! They won their match in the very end, Nice! I also learned a few things about curling, for instance when someone bites it you shouldn't laugh, I struggled with that one and I also learned that where ever there is a curling club comes a bar. Apparently Curling and Drinking go hand in hand!!! Who'd have thought!!

Brad is pushing the rock (not the thing you push on the ice that glides, learned the proper term real quick) Check out that form!!!

Brad and older guy helping guide the rock. Brad is on the left!

Brad, Older guy, and the cute Asian girl trying to place the rock in the perfect spot...right in the middle..I do believe they did!! Brad on left again!


Brian and Jenny said...

So fun! Thanks for sharing these great photos. I loved it when I heard he was in a curling league! Go Bradley!!!

Analee and Joe said...

Thats crazy, I had no idea there are curling teams in this state! Way to go Brad!

Erin said...

I'm not going to lie. I have a thing for curlers.

Love the photos!!!