Friday, June 25, 2010

Finally a few NICE days...

While in Washington I have been working as a nanny and the weather has not been great!! Finally we had three straight days a excellent weather. The best part about being a nanny 24/7 is that they live on a lake...not the kids...ha ha totally kidding. It was great to sit on the dock put my good ole feet in the water and threaten them all when they tried to throw me in. Ha Ha!!

Look you can actually see Mt. Rainier...

View from the Dock...Yep that is a plane on the right!!

George volunteering to be buried in the sand...pretty sure he regretted that decision..
George, cousin Emmanuel (sitting on George) and Reid getting ready to dump sand some more sand.
I am taking Reid to school...I couldn't get him to stop talking..I think someone stayed up too late playing xbox..

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