Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My new BFF...

I have been in good ole Washington for the last 6 weeks...I have taken every moment to get to know my nephew Henry..We are pretty much BFF...totally inseparable..I am sure he is sick of me but whatevs....I don't get to see him too much since I live in Utah..and I will be returning soon!! I must get all the snuggles, kisses and play time that I can before I leave. He is a snuggler..I love it!!

Henry and I at Lake Trask...chillin in the car..

He loves my sunglasses....they are the size of his head!
I have watched him just about every Friday...and this is him taking a nap..when he is tired..he conks out anywhere!
He loves to play in the dog kennel..too bad it is not allowed..oops!!
Us at Lake Trask...I get him to smile..pretty good..considering I am taking the picture!
Once again in the Dog Kennel...Oops!

PS...I totally had more pictures, but I accidentally deleted ticked..this is what ya get!


Erin said...

He is so stinking cute! How fun. I want to meet little Henry.

You look great in these photos!

Marcie said...

WHAT?! you are in WA and havent bothered to call me.. (tear) I am so sad right now :(