Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I am Getting Old...

You know you're getting old when your very first Young Woman is pregnant with her first child. Good Gravy. Several of them have gotten married and now the babies will start coming!! Good Night! My girl Mel aka Felani Melani is expecting her first baby boy in December Braxton Spencer Boudreaux. I am so excited for her. Her baby shower was last weekend, BYU's homecoming weekend, she is in her Jersey ready for the game. It was nice to see her, her mom and some of my other YCL'S. Congrats!!!

Kelani, me, prego Mel, Sharsti (getting married in February) and Shannie (she just got married).

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amy wudel said...

If you are old than what am I. After I graduated from high school I taught dance at American Fork High School and now one of the students that was there my first year is in my ward and has two kids--ha top that! And by the way I do so totally remember I promised to name my baby kimmbo and I am so totally planning on's just that it may not say that on her birth certificate. We are going to call her kimmbo for short. :)