Thursday, December 3, 2009

Black Friday!!

Black Friday has come and gone...and I survived!! For the 2nd year in a row I was Angela's wingman. If you are doing black Friday you must have a wingman, not go alone. It is a must and while waiting in line, make Line buddies...makes time go faster..just a couple of tips for you!!
We stopped at 4 stores starting with kohls...never really shopped there, but Angela and I both had coupons and it opened at 4 am. The only place I saw a little disagreement,she was down right rude, right in front of afraid I would have to break up a fight..or just let them go at it cause it was 4 in the morning.
Then we were off to Walmart..ugh...we went to Lindon to avoid, Orem. We ended up getting a spot right away in the back corner of Walmart..we got there a little after 5 am. It was cold as we were trying to reach doors..a guy in the garden center let us in through the gate..thank goodness. Then there was a cart right there. Once inside we broke off...I went for GPS for Jana (got it) then off to find a vacuum which were in the worse spot...right by the front doors in the produce section. I made my way and got one. I find Angela..WHAT..she wants the pink one. Who makes pink vacuums. So we go back I have to put it above my head, there were no pink ones I go over to the dirt devils and what do you know a pink Eureka sits on the floor..I pick it up and put it over my head and make my way back. We decided to get in line by the garden center..bad choice. Angela shopped while I waited..good thing we got in that line cause she found the toy gage had wanted in the isle's. We eventually went to the front of the store, the line was much faster. Note to not get in the garden center line.

Then off to Target for some movies and gone..movies gone...took cuts in line with out even realizing it, when I realized I didn't care. Deal with it. Last store, K-mart for a toy we didn't get at Kohls (Kohls toy section not so good) I hopped in line immediately and Angela shopped..she got the toy.

I must give props to Kohls and K-mart for their organization of lines...unlike Walmart..don't think you could organize that chaos.

I couldn't sleep the night before, shocker! Did you know that Friends is on at 2 am. I didn't really sleep when we got back, maybe an hour or two...lets just say by the time I got home on Friday at midnight, I realized my 32 year old body does not quite recover like my 22 year old body would...took me feel normal again.

Angela on our way to Kohls!!

Us in line at Kohls.


kg said...

Can totally see the two of you running around town!! loving the 'wingman' idea :)

Em said...

Much braver than I am. No Black Friday for me.

Ang said...

Really? That's the picture you post!! Ha ha

amy wudel said...

ha,ha that is funny! I never go shopping on black friday because I am too scared I will get mowed over by all the serious shoppers. I wander around too much and I think I would drive the black friday shoppers crazy! But maybe, maybe, if I had a wingman like you I would :).