Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Parties....

I do love a good Christmas Party!! Tis the season!! I have mentioned how much I love the Holiday season...Well last Thursday we had an enrichment Christmas dinner..that may end all Dinners...Andrea..(my partner in crime) and I made my Grandma's Chicken Cordon darn delicious..we also had baked potato, salad, rolls and a very yummy pumpkin trifle and grasshopper pie..I am sure we all gained a million pounds..but so worth it. It was a blast..we had about 15 girls come..had a lot of fun and to end the evening Amanda sang Breath of Heaven which was awesome!!

Andrea and I spent half of the day cooking..not kidding..i was glad she was willing to help me so I didn't have to do it on my own!! This is her putting the final touches on her jello..she bought peach jello instead of orange, but it worked and still tasted great!!Rachel (she did our center pieces) and Suzanne (washed all of our to love her for that) Anna, Mary, Kristin and Kalie..some more cuties in our branch!!

Then we had a Regional Progressive Dinner..which included all of the singles in Blackfoot. It was very interesting jumping from stake center to stake center..hey we did eventually get our food..hey when its free you can't complain!!

This is Bob and David...Their mad because they want to go and get their desert, but they have to hear the speaker first!!

Kalie, Andrea and me making my typical face!!
I have one more this week and hopefully it will end with a little dodge ball!!

PS..Thank you to Jeff, Jana, Angela, and Kylee for getting me those recipes..


Misti said...

Sounds delicious!!!

Lisa Danielson said...

Looks like you guys always have so much fun up there in ID!

Anonymous said...

how fun--Merry Christmas!

KmCaCFamilyof5 said...

Kimm-you look great!