Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kickin it at Kylee's

I left for Utah the Saturday before Christmas..I stayed and Kylee's for a few nights and had some good times....felt like I was 22 again. Good ole BYU housing...definitely don't miss that. We had a good ole time. Kylee had a little dinner party on Sunday, but her alfredo sauce..was awful..good thing everything else tasted good. Maybe next time Kylee. We kind of got snowed in on Monday, so I couldn't get to Angela's until Tuesday..I think they got like 8 inches of snow. So just kept coming down. We all know how much I love the snow. Lots of games were played and there were plenty of punches thrown. No one was seriously injured.

This is Kylee playing with her fake snow.....Nice Face. Me, Kylee, and Bri (ky's roommate) All of her other roommates had left for home. He whole complex was a ghost town.

Kylee and in a little texting war with eachothers phones...Naughty Girls!!

This is Kylee and our Cousin Ben beating the tar out of each other...I do not have a steady hand while filming...

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