Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I can not tell you how long it has been since I went sledding. I went on Christmas eve and day. I had a blast..even though I didn't have sledding attire. When I went with Angela's fam..I had to wear my street shoes with no traction..had a very hard time getting back up the hill..Ang does have a nice video. It was awful. The kids had fun..kyah's little laugh going down the hill was priceless. I also went with Ben and Ayzha (Asia)..and ben's in laws to Rock canyon park..that was fun. We made several trains then we had a full on dog pile..10 people or so going down at once..It was a blast and no one got hurt..Shocking.

Angela and I at the bottom of the hill...nice herps Ang...I am not the only one. Ang and Kyah...after a fun run..I love Kyah's peace sign.

Ben and I at Rock was so darn bright and it did get a little hot!! Ayzha and I (Ben's little chica)Me, Patrick, and Ben

Patrick Sportin his 70's snow suit...
This is Ben attempting to go down the hill standing up..he didn't even make it half way..I wish his wipe out was funnier!!

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Melanie and the Boys said...

So fun.. You and Ang make the same type of must be sisters or something.. LOL