Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tagged....This is for you Kalie

I have been tagged by my BFF Kalie...so here goes...10 quirks about me...I don't have any..I am perfect!! Ha Ha!!

1. I dislike driving in the snow...I love to look at it, but why can't it just stay off the road.

2. I am not a fan of feet, I Hate them..do not understand why some people feel it necessary to
put them on me knowing I hate them.

3. I am a huge sports fan..I love any and all sports. I am actually participating in my
first fantasy football league..started off great..not doing so great now.

4. I do not like to do my hair or makeup, but the older I get the more necessary it is..especially
the makeup..I am not 18 anymore. I need help in the
makeup department.

5. I love to joke around, play little harmless pranks..I am always up for a good laugh.

6. I live for my Sunday naps...I love them. Please do not call...I will not get up and
answer the phone. I do not waste anytime when I get home from church..quick bite..then hit
the sack.

7. When I get nervous I bite my nails. I have been doing it for years, especially during my
sports games ...An awful habit that I have gotten much better at, but notice myself doing
it the other day, just about died, thought I had out grown it.

8. I do not like the sound of brushing teeth..I must have the water running while I brush
mine...it is especially worse when I can here someone else doing it..it's like
nails on a chalkboard for me.

9. I can not eat a tomato if my life depended on it. I have tried and tried and I still gag like
you wouldn't believe. For some reason..I have no problem eating salsa, I do avoid the
tomatoes..I can spot them a mile away..I just like the juice.

10. I actually like to cook, but it is even better if I have someone to cook for, I tend to get
more creative. When it is just me I cook the basics!!

Well Kalie, I hope you are satisfied...I tag whoever wants to do it.


Angie said...

That's funny- Ben bites his fingernails too, when he's nervous. He'll never admit it, but he does it a lot while driving in traffic. And kudos to you on the hating feet thing! I am totally with you on that!

Monica said...

You're a FREAK!!! LOL! Love ya Kimm.

Kalie said...

KIMM! i love ya too death! BFF.. oh those harmless little pranks you like to pull! they are flippin amazing! haha we are good! BAKK FOREVER!