Friday, October 10, 2008

Skindawg Family...

My Good Friends from Washington brought their son out to BYUI, so I got a chance to hand with them quite a bit. Ann and I worked together on camp for 3 years and became one of my closest friends. I absolutely love their family. It was so great to see them again. I just went to Washington and Ann, Ryan and I were able to go our favorite resturant...Sushi Town..the best, I could have eaten their everyday...I didn't!!

This is Ryan he went to School with Rocky, which he always tells me to tell Rock Hi..I always ask him if I am chop liver. He is my favorite!!

This is my dear friend Ann...Love her to pieces!!

This is her son Sean who they dropped off at school. I saw him a couple days later at the fair..totally had his arm around some blond...he'd been at school for 2 days...He didn't waste anytime!

I did have a picture of her husband and me, I look It didn't make the cut!!

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