Friday, October 10, 2008

Meadow Lake

In Idaho somewhere, by Birch Creek is this little place call Meadow Lake. My new favorite place. You actually have to drive through a ghost town. Which I totally wanted to explore, but there were no trespassing signs everywhere. It actually was an old mining town from 1810-1929, until a power plant explosion shut everything down. I like this kind of stuff...forgot the name of it though. You could see the old mining caves. I just wish I could have walked around it a little. I probably should have taken a picture. When you reach the top of what ever you are driving up there is Meadow is awesome. We first went on a little hike and then we fished which I haven't done in years. I had a blast fishing. I may have reeled a few in before I let the kids. Eventually all the fishing poles were getting bites so everyone had a chance to catch a couple fish!!

Grace, Josh and Crazy Payton..on the hike!!

All the boys fishing...Payton, Josh, Jeff, My dad (he is the one sitting in the white at the end of the picture)Payton reeled in a doosie....
Meadow Lake...
Jeff took Hunter (my little bro) up to Meadow Lake a few years ago and he carved our last name in this bench. It was still there. Not sure if you can read it.

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