Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pneumonia..Not stopping #77

So I went to my brothers game....I know a big shocker!! He was very sick with Pneumonia!! I was a little worried about him. He had to do nebulizer treatments when he wasn't on the Field and he was also given an inhaler to help him breathe. He played very well and they won 35-14. It was a must win game. Hopefully the big lug will get some rest this week.

This is Rocky after the Game!!! Rocky, one of his coaches and some teammates. The guy right next to him..#24 went to Sumner high school!!
After they win a game the sing the schools fight song...Rocky is on the far left!!
This is us during half time. It was a beautiful day about 65 degrees!!! Much better than Sumner!! Then I had to return home to the crappy weather!!!

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Colin Family said...

Loving the facial expressions on the last one!