Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Eastern Football!!!

So on Saturday I made the trek to Eastern Washington for my brother Rocky's game. Of course I have plenty of stories for you. First off we realized that our seats were not together and of course there is one that is all by itself...not with in talking range of the other seats. So I took one for the team and sat there. Then I realized that I looked pathetic because I brought my own treats...so there I sat eating my treats from my purse all by myself. Then I finally got my brothers attention who was about 40 feet from me and I was trying to tell him that there we seats by me and to come and sit by me. Well I see him and his wife start laughing so I turn forward and the stinkin mascot's hand is in my face...so I jump and then give him a high five. I turn back around to talk with my bro...using sign language...and they are still laughing. I then feel something on my shoulder and the mascot (swoop) is sitting next to me with his arm around me. A little awkward, I didn't know what to say so I just said hey...your fly is down!!! Everyone around me was laughing..I think I turned a little red. I am sure everyone thought I was fake talking with some imaginary friend in the audience...so I wouldn't look like the loser who goes to football games by herself. My sister-n-law came and sat by me for the 2nd half. At least someone loves me. Anyways my bro's team lost 21-28...first lost of the season. So they are now 3 and 1. Next weeks game is against there rival Montana...I am so excited!! Too bad it isn't on TV...I will be listening and going nuts...like always.

This is the baby of the family Hunter and I before the game started!!! Just so you know my brothers can never make a nice face in a picture!!! This is Lindsay (my sister-n-law) and I during the game...having a little photo shoot. Apparently I can't make nice faces either!!!
This is the O-Line taking the Field for warm-ups. My brother is in the front, he is number 77, but he turned so you can only see the one 7...he is on the right side of the picture.

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Team Hanni said...

How fun! Sorry they lost..... Rocky is WAY more fun after they win. Must be a Hanni thing.....