Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Chris Daughtry Baby!!

So Yesterday I went and rocked out at the Chris Daughtry Concert!! Frick Yae!! Can I just say he is a Fine Specimen of a Man! The Concert was at our State Fair...it is one of the biggest state fairs in the US....Four times the size of the one in Utah...that should give you an idea of how big it is. I went with my sister Angela, and Nate's (Ang's Husband) sister Kristen. Kristen has never been to the Washington fair, so her and Angela went early to go on rides and stuff. I decided to meet up with them later. Lets say I had to park forever away and it was actually a hot day, this summer has had lame weather, so I speed walked because I didn't want to be late. I was a little early so I went to go and find my seat...Red faced and sweaty...quite attractive!! Of course there was a elderly couple sitting a couple seats down...so they started talking to me because I am sure they thought I had no friends and came by myself. Then the guy asked me if I would like a bottle of water because I looked like I needed one, I looked flushed. You know...of course I said yes because I needed one. Anyways they were the nicest, I wished I would have taken a picture of them, they didn't look like they belonged there, but they were huge Chris Daughtry Fans. They totally voted for him on American Idol. When I told them I didn't vote they told me it was my fault he got sent home. I take full responsibility. Anyways the concert Rocked...I loved it and I have seen my fair share of concerts...Probably in my top 10.

Can we say my Rocker face looks Psycho......I need to work on that. Nice taffy in your mouth, Ang...
This is me, Kristin, and Angela right before the concert....Don't ask me what I am doing!! Angela and Kristin Rockin out!!!!!!!
This is obviously a shout of Chris on the big screen.....lovin him!!
This is a shot of the stage.....definetly not a good one!!!


Lisa Danielson said...

How fun! I love Chris too. I was so sad when he didn't win, but I think he is better off without AI. I am jealous--we are coming tomorrow!!!

Colin Family said...

I laughed at the elderly comment about voting! I don't watch American Idol so I don't vote but my Grandma does! It's an addiction for her :). I love the rocker pose! I haven't seen a picture of Chris up close but will take your word of a goodlooking man :)!