Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lake Trask....

Our first adventure in Washington was to go camping!!! I love camping and I haven't done it in a long time. TJ's wife Lindsay's mom owns camping property on a little lake and she let us go up there and stay a night. We were going to stay two, but it started raining!! We got up there set things up and went was a little cloudy, but that didn't stop us. Gage and Henry gave it a try, but only lasted a few minutes. Kyah on the other hand stayed with us big kids the whole time!! She was a rock star. I haven't been swimming in it was fun to goof around in the water. Of course we cooked our dinner over the fire....some serious Brats, we also roasted marshmallows and Angela and I mastered the art of making Jiffy pop over the fire. Good time!!! Brad and Rocky came up for the day. Gage started his first fire (thanks to Aunt Lindsay for helping him) and became a pyro...may want to watch out for that. So much fun..can't wait to do it again!

Kyah kickin it with the big kids...T, Rock, and me!!

This picture of Kyah and TJ is so adorable...I love Rocky in the background...he was snorkeling for treasures...apparently you can find some fun stuff!!

Me and Kyah....she seriously was cracking me up when we were swimming...thought it was funny to splash me in the mug!! Don't worry I splashed her back!!
Henry kickin it on the swinging can see the sun!!
I was taking a picture of TJ wearing my girlie hat...not sure what he is doing....
It started to rain...Linds, Ang, and T taking cover..
I don't know why, but this picture cracks me up!!
They loved roasting marshmallows, but she may need to get them closer to the fire...
Gage had quite the roasting stick...4 at a time!!
This is the only picture I had of Brad...he wouldn't look at the camera!!
Khloe was the worlds best baby camping..forgot she was even there sometimes!!
There they are was so peaceful in the was so awesome!!
Kyah and I waiting for Ang, T, and gage to come back and get her.
T, Ang and Gage were the first ones out on the lake....
I love that Henry is just kickin it in the back of the boat...
We did not catch anything, but Kyah got a big bite and found out she had her first lose tooth..that is quite a fishing trip!!

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