Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My two buddies....

For those of you who don't know I live with my cousins Scott and Erin and their kids Kate and Dylan. The other night Kate decided to do my hair. She spent an hour doing it. She kept saying to me Don't Move and Perfect...sounds just like her mother. Don't worry the straightener wasn't on. Every time I went to take a picture she would move and I just couldn't get a great one..these will have to do. Thanks Kate for doing my hair. It has never looked better!

Yes little Miss Kate is bringing the come over back...Good Work!

I was packing to go on a trip and when I returned to my room this is what I found! Apparently Dylan thought he was coming with me..he is so goofy sometimes...I know where is gets it from!!!


Erin said...

Those are cute pictures. Thanks for sharing. And we both know that you could have roasted both my kids for their naughty behavior. Thanks for making them look like angels.

Love your Bunners!

lisa said...

Love the comb-over! How fun!

P.S.What video of Mike are you talking about?

Wendy said...

Kimm thanks for the post. I can't believe it, after like eight years it's possible to find someone on a computer. I was so excited to hear from you. We are totally blog buddies now!