Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Handsome Joe from Idaho!!

So Craters of the Moon it right by where my Grandpa Joe Grew up! So Jeff showed me where he grew up and we also went to the cemetery to see my great great grandparents who started the whole mess of Hanni's! Jeff knows a whole lot more about the Hanni side of the family then I do. Since I have been here everyone is like are you related to so and so..I am like, I am sure I am distantly..As it turns out Jeff educated me a little on why there are so many Hanni's in Idaho. Our Great Great Grandparents John and Eliza came from Switzerland, but they did not meet until they were in the US. They married and had 12 kids..yes I said 12 in Moore, ID! Now we all now why there are so many! Great Grandpa Reuben was one of the 12 and the only one to actually leave Idaho..which would explain why you don't hear the last name Hanni anywhere, but Idaho. Anyways the picture below is the house where Grandpa Joe grew up! There are people living there now so we couldn't go inside and check it out, but Jeff was able to go in it with Blaine (Gpa Joe's brother) a while ago. This is a picture of the Shack out back where all the Hanni boys slept. I believe Grandpa had 3 brothers and one sister. I hope I am not forgetting anyone. I am sure it was not too warm in there in the winter.
This is the Headstone of our Great Great Grandma Eliza!
This is the head stone of our Great Great Grandpa John.

There were quite a few headstones in the cemetery with the last name Hanni. Moore is a beautiful place..sits right next the the mountains. I am sure I messed up some of the history and left quite a bit out, but if you want to know more...ask my brother Jeff..he is a ball of information.


Monica said...

12 kids? 12 KIDS?!! WOW... you Hanni's don't mess around! Family history is really cool. That is super awesome that you got to go with your brother to see all of that!

Lisa Danielson said...

How cool! That shack is tiny!!! What a fun thing to do